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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

ADRIMAG is an organization that works for the development of the region and the community that represents. To carry out its mission through its multiples valences, develops synergies between actions, projects and programs, many of them in partnership with other entities. ADRIMAG over the past few years has played a key role in raising the qualification levels of population, working actively in the training and adult qualification through the recognition, validation and certification of competences process, promotes training and more recently provides vocational guidance through the CQEP. Through the project AROUCAINCLUI, integrated into the local Development Social Contract ( CLDS), promotes the revitalization and social development, social inclusion of citizens of multissectoral and integrated manner through action to combat persistent poverty and social exclusion. Given the importance and dynamism developed around lifelong learning, we considerer that " APRENDER+" is an asset to the region, including the acquisition of skills, sharing, exchange and transfer of methodologies and development of a multicultural awareness contributing to the construction of an Europe identity. Given the current economy status, in particular the interdependence between countries and regions, ADRIMAG requires the development of their international vision and the adoption of a more comprehensive attitudes that acompany the challenges and the European Culture, rethinking concepts and strategies in this area. The development of this project will contribute to these pruposes as well to fill the gaps in this area and give the first step for the development of a more comprehensive actions and establish itself in the European Space, under the Adult Education thematic.