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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Learning to undertake" will be directed to 15 teachers of different stages of our SAFA our Lady of the Kings of Seville.The project will offer participants the opportunity to participate in structured courses aimed at fostering entrepreneurship among our students and the use of new technologies.Countries of destination chosen for mobilities are Slovenia and Greece.The project responds to the training needs identified in our Center in the fields of entrepreneurship, proficiency in foreign languages and ICT of our teaching staff, in line with the plan of formation of our Foundation.Flows will be composed of a maximum of 5 people in 3 mobilities in 1 year.Curso:Teaching Entrepreneurship in Schools: Experiential approachHow to familiarize yourself with the role of entrepreneurship in the modern societyLearn how to empower entrepreneurs young potential at the start of his careerDevelopment of the business core competencies (Pro-activity, awareness, business instinct) in the classroomThe introduction of educational games and simple exercises to promote entrepreneurial thinking in students younger (primary schools)The use of interactive tools (games, field work, discussions) to bring business thinking of pupils and studentsThe effective use of case studies in the teaching of entrepreneurshipImprovement of creative problem solving in business projectsHow to familiarize yourself with simple methods to analyze customer needs and expectationsLearn how to convert users and clients expectations in product serviceStudents through the innovation process: from the initial idea to the user friendly products servicesCourse: Teaching creativity in schools, inspired by Edward de BonoThe implementation of more exploratory approach in teaching methods and problem-oriented.Promote independent students at all levels and critical thinking.Raise the level of motivation and commitment in the school subjects that are among the least popular in school.Applying an approach to individualized instruction when it comes to demanding student, unmotivated, or talented.The use of techniques of creativity in school tutoring, research projects and preparations for competitions.The improvement of the curricula of the school subjects where the discovery and participation are of great importance (such as biology, chemistry and physics).The use of creative techniques to do a serious job more fun, interactive and enjoyable (especially in kindergartens, elementary schools).Course: New Teachers for New Competencies: Entrepreneurship, Networking, CommunicationBe able to induce in his students, the acquisition of a mindset towards creativity, intuition, and change in corporate and business contexts.Give them the tools, methods and instruments to allow their students to put into practice the ideas focused on a technically structured, planned in a way to turn them into new products or services of the company or within the framework of a new company.Development of personal valuesResults expected in relation to the participants:-Knowledge of tools to facilitate the entrepreneurial skills among their students.-Business basic skills, including business modeling, thinking of design and business planning. -The specific characteristics of the various forms of business activity will be emphasized (i.e., women, social, local - technology and ecological entrepreneurship).-Improvement in the use of new technologies and their application in the classroom-Improvement of the language skills of both private and professional contexts in English.-Increased motivation for the personal and professional progress of our teaching teamResults expected in relation to our Center:-Development of new training tools on the basis of information provided by the participants of the project-Improvement of teacher training plan.-Knowledge of good practices in the field of entrepreneurship and creativity-Acquisition of new experience working with European partners-Advertising on our website about the training program that serves as the motivation for new studentsResults expected in relation to our students:-New methodologies to work an entrepreneurial spirit-Improvement in the use of ICTs-Improved academic outcomes-Long term projectThis will involve a benefit in education that will teach our students, providing an entrepreneurial spirit