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Appui à la promotion et à l'organisation des chantiers internationaux
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 mars 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Concordia Ile-de-France proposes different kind of voluntary service, with international volunteer workcamps as main activity - in order to promote intercultural exchanges and active citizenship.The volunteers will get invested for a period of twelve months in Paris, starting on november 2016.In the frame of her action, the volunteer will support Concordia Île-de-France's actions by bringing an international perspective. In this way, through her missions, she will promote youth participation and european citizenship, ensure the development of european project and support the setting up of international workcamps. All of this missions will take into account the motivations of the volunteer and can be adjuced if necessary thanks to the support of Concordia's team. This project aims to :- promote european citizenship on Ile-de-France area ;- improve the open-mindess of the local youth about international mobility ;- strengthen European and intercultural dimension of youth activities in the area ;- permit to the volunteers to discover France and its culture, to develop know-how, skills and to learn a lot about themselves. For all the stakeholders, we hope that this project will be a great intercultural experience, and an opportunity to tackle the European Identity, making it more real. We hope that this project will allow all of us to develop a mutual understanding between cultures and we hope that it will participate to enhance transnational links and people's mobility.



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