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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The values of craftsmanship are based on the excellence of knowledge, its transmission and the passion for the job. That is why the apprenticeship, stemming from the same values is an answer to the needs for the sector in terms of human resources. European mobility allows to optimize the training of the young, future business managers, in particular the actors of the apprenticeship, but also to improve the visibility in Europe of the Auvergne region which is enclosed. The CRMAA (Chamber of trades Auvergne) which represents the trades of the Auvergne Regionreplies to the call of projects “Erasmus+” regarding mobility grants in favour of apprentices holders of a V and IV level diploma, of trainers in compagny brenning for all the Auvergne area and in agreement with all partners. Application details : 86 grants for apprentices in the process of training, for a duration of 2 weeks, 18 grants for guides (trainers in training centre) 19 grants for post graduates for durations from 2 months to 1 year. 7 grants for staff training abroad for à duration of 5 to 6 days. It is, indeed supported in its process by the interprofessional, buildings and agricultural training centres of the 4 Auvergne departments, as well as the Regional Council of Auvergne and APCMA. The common will of all these partners is to set up an action in favour of a unique, coherent and non competitive European mobility (of apprentices, trainers/training masters and young graduated in the auvergne aera In this organization each will have a part to play : The CRMA : Apply for mobility grants, manages the project (financially and administratively), drives the regional platform, looks for European partners, cofinancing … The CFA (training centres) : heighten apprentices' awareness and prepare people’s minds (families and companies), write and negociate educational contents with European partners, manage logistics, welcome the partners, follow and assess the apprentices course … The other partners like the Regional Council of Auvergne : set up visits of contact to find partners, share its expert evaluation of courses, specific educational contents, help in financing the projects … The objectives of this project are multiple : - Increase the number of mobility grant beneficiaries , - Improve the employability of the apprentices and the young graduates, - Acquire techniques and know how , - Deepen their knowledge of a countrys language and culture, - Know systems of training and educational methods or of management, in particular for trainers and/or masters of companies. As for the expected results, they are also many and of various orders : For the public beneficiaries as apprentices or post-graduates it is a matter of : - Following their studies, - Improving the results of exams, - Integrating the European host company of welcome as an employee, - Being quickly hired by the training company, For the sending companies, it is a matter of : - Developing the courses of mobility for their apprentices and for themselves, - Participating more actively to mobility projects of CFA (vocational training centres), - Acceptinglonger mobilities for their apprentices. For the CFA (vocational training centre) : - Set up more mobility projects, - Attract more young people in their establishment. For the CRMAA (Chamber of trades Auvergne) : - Lead and coordinate the project in its entirety by assuming its mutualization, - Welcome more partners in the regional platform and in particular the National Education Vocational Training Centre, For the territory, to be recognized as an active and voluntarist territory regarding European mobility. The joint project of apprenticeship partners will allow the sector of vocational training to gain a better image in term of outlet and ensures 8 out of 10 apprentices stemming from this process of training to become integrated into the world of work more quickly.



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