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Apprentices with an outlook
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project focuses mainly on student mobilities of school based practise. We have identified a great need to develop opportunities for students to develop their global compentences. With this project AARHUS TECH will be able to offer the same opportunities to students in school based practical training as students having a contract with a company. The project will develop the quality of the school based practical training and give the students at AARHUS TECH equal opportunities in preparing for a globalized labor market. Furthermore, this project will raise the bar for quality of the mobilities of students by including competence development at both teachers and management level. Furthermore the ambition is to integrate ECVET as a standard for all mobilities through long-term partnerships which allows teacher-to-teacher cooperation on selecting and developing the relevant learning outcomes for each education at both basic and advanced level. The project is a step in making the vocational educations more internationalized as well as supporting the school based practise as a real and valid alternative to the traditional apprenticeship contracts. In the coming year AARHUS TECH is also going to strenghen and improve the international strategy and therefore the school wish to sent a management group to Jyväskylä in Finland to learn from their experience. Jyväskylä has succesfully gone through a similar proces over the past 10 years and is today considered among the best vocational schools in terms of internationalisation. With this application we focus on three mobility activities: 1) Students in school based practical training to go on a minimum 3 week mobility in a company in Finland, UK or Italy. Students in school based practise suffer from the genreal understanding that their practical training is less relevant and educating as if they were in a compamny. This might have been right 5-10 years ago. Today the reality is different and the general quality is high. One aspect can be improved - and that is to strenghen their possibilities to go abroad. This requires more than for other students because the ministerial demands on documenting and supervising their learning is much higher for school based practise than for in-company students. This project will focus on developing and testing good practises to implement international mobilities at a larger scale for students in school based practise. The educations includede in this project are selected by the number of students in school based practical training: - Chefs (going to Italy) - Carpenters (going to Finland) - Car mechanics (Going to UK) 2) Competence development of teachers to support internationalisation and implementation of ECVET - either through job-shadowing or teaching at partner colleges. 3) Competence development and experience exchange for teachers and managers to support strategy and long-term impact



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