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Applying ECVET and ECTS to Certify Learning Outcomes and Qualification of the Entrepreneur in Construction sector
Date du début: 1 oct. 2012,

In EU VET systems of Constructions, while in Italy (cfr., implementation of Leg. Decrees 81/2008 and 106/2009 on license point system in building and asseveration of work safety management systems, especially for safety) and in several MS only now it’s growing an interest on enterprise certification, in other MS this issue is object of interest up several years (cfr., Belgian “Loi du 20 mars 1991” on “agréation d’entrepreneurs”), with specific rules / systems on construction enterprise and entrepreneur competences certification.These issues was already focused by LdV Partnership “Certified Entrepreneurs in Building Sector”, starting a cooperation to test and apply common concepts developed at EU level on field of certification of entrepreneur competences, also as solid base to build an ECVET process.On this fundament and widening this partnership to sectoral VET providers and social partners, and public institutions competent in VET across EU, the Consortium has verified that these competences are not defined and certified in many EU MS, agreeing that an intervention for transparency and recognition of building entrepreneur learning outcomes, applying and implementing ECVET, could have significant impact.At this aim, applying ECVET principles and technical specifications, activities will: define and apply operational and transferable methods and guidelines, to design qualification in units of learning outcomes with allocation of ECVET points; test units of learning outcomes based qualification with associated procedures for assessment, transfer, validation and accumulation of learning outcomes achieved in formal, informal and non formal contexts; design and test quality standards to apply ECVET (issuing an ECVET quality label) to the qualification; design VET programmes with flexible devices for validation, transfer and recognition of learning outcomes; develop concepts based on learning outcomes approach to combine ECVET and ECTS and enhance their compatibility.



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