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Applied Electronics to European Standards in Everyday Life
Date du début: 28 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 27 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Tomis Technical College has proposed the project "Applied Electronics to European Standards in Everyday Life". The beneficiaries are 18 students of XI class, day school, upper secondary education, TVET, qualification level 4, technical profile, Mechatronics Technician specialization and aims at training skills included in the curriculum for XI class Module IX "Electronic Circuits" and Module VIII "Health and Safety", interacting with UC 21 "Electronic Circuits", UC 3 "Interpersonal Relationships Management", UC 12 "Health and Safety" of Standard training, through a transnational placement in an organization in mechanical field, in Portugal, for 3 weeks (90 hours) period, from 09.05-29.05.2016. The technical skills they will acquire will enable them to act in a current field, interdisciplinary, combining mechanics, electronics, computer science, in order to achieve intelligent products and systems. Our school provides a good theoretical training for the acquisition of technical knowledge, but it is deficient in practical application, due to insufficient facilities of workshops and laboratories in school, lack of interest of local businesses to provide practical training. A quality practical training must take place in a training environment as close as the actual working conditions and the students have to know the European evolution of this field, to develop their skills and abilities to the highest standards, meeting the requirements of the current field. In everyday life, mechatronics technicians must be able to choose and to use appropriate control and measurement devices, to interpret the results of parameters measurements, to connect electronic circuits according to technical documentation, to verify equipment / facility of the intelligent system. We would particularly like that the practice took place in service stations as microelectronics development, reflected in logic and analog integrated circuits, power integrated circuits, microprocessors and microcontrollers, intelligent drive systems and new types of sensors have upgraded the car turning it into mechatronic system which solves requirements related to: traffic safety, economy, reliability, comfort and environmental protection. The internship will impact the assimilation behavior in the situation of finding a job and in education terms, young people will learn and will always be formed by using the foreign language, both in conversation and at the workplace, in applying theoretical knowledge gained by using specialized language and not at least will make friends among Romanian and Portuguese young people, which will serve changing Romania's image internationally. The students will have a global vision of the profession and gain an independent work style and confidence. The partners involved: - Sending Organization: Tomis Technical College, - Host Organizations: Car mechanics JOMICARAUTO, LDA REPARAÇÕES DE AUTOMOVEIS and JOBAUTO BARCELOS - Intermediary Organization: Intercultural Association Mobility Friends, Portugal. The project objectives: 1. The developement of the professional skills of participants and access to new technologies in intelligent systems through contact with companies and experts from an European Union country 2. Training of practical skills and competencies to European standards in order to promote highly qualified employment, to facilitate insertion of young people into the labor market 3. The personal development of beneficiaries through contact with another European reality, for a better transition from school to work The contents are as in the curriculum: T1. Types of electronic circuits and the evaluation of their performances T2. Connecting electronics in intelligent equipment and plants T3. Action planning to avoid and to reduce identified risks in the workplace Expected results: - Specific professional skills in the chosen profession by implementing modern technologies, according to the qualification of mechatronics technician - Obtaining Europass Certificates - Finding a job easier and achieving its own job - Using English in conversation and professional field and understanding the concept of European citizenship - A catalog of equipment and facilities that are based on intelligent electronic circuits operation - Boards on topics of Health and Safety and Security and Firefighting for endowment the school laboratory - Raising the prestige of the school - Awareness of the economic agents in order to absorb the graduates of our school - Added value in the personal development of participants, with immediate action in the environment in which they will return



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