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Application of distributed control on smart structures (ARRAYCON)
Date du début: 1 sept. 2013, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"The proposed training program aims at bridging the gap between industry and academia in the field of smart structures. The motivation comes from the aerospace and automotive industries where the growing popularity of light composite structures introduces demands to attenuate weakly damped flexible modes which are very tightly packed. This will be achieved by a tandem between a high level academic, well established partner in the control community: CTU in Prague, and the industrial partner LMS, well embedded in the aforementioned sectors. Scientifically, the novelty is in the introduction of distributed control concepts in the world of flexible structures and vibrations. Through a dedicated training program, the potentials of the modern paradigm of spatially distributed control using arrays of actuators and sensors for smart (mechanical) structures will be investigated. Recent advances in sensors and actuators make the concept of a large and dense array of sensors and actuators a feasible and attractive option for large flexible structures. Rather than controlling the mechanical structure through a small set of isolated points, a dense array will be considered which approaches the behavior of a spatially continuous distributed actuator. This invokes the concept of spatially distributed control, whether the actual controller will be designed and implemented as centralized or also distributed. The key focus of the project is on providing a multi-disciplinary training in mathematical modeling, involving the structures, actuators and sensors, and on the control design. To develop entrepreneur skills, the ESRs will have the responsibility for building a demonstrator that will serve for experimental verification and will also facilitate the dissemination of the project review to larger audience, other than a purely scientific community."



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