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Application and Analytics Platform Demonstration (AAPD)
Date du début: 1 juil. 2013, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"The project AAPD is the follow-up of RAISME, the very successful 'Research for SMEs' project (Grant Agreement number 262469), that came to a successful conclusion on 31st of August 2012. RAISME was aimed at providing a configurable platform for rapid development of software applications, with embedded advanced interactive interfaces and visualisation services, enabled to allow an integration ecology of users, developers and providers.There is a very significant opportunity given the rapid global uptake in cloud computing and the EU’s unique infrastructure of SMEs to deliver the RAISME platform and it’s innovative services for all EU SMEs enabling access to more advanced ICT than through usual architectures. This will generate more ‘adventurous’ use of computing, faster progress into new markets incurring less financial risk, and access to advanced concepts requiring high performance or high throughput computing.Facts live outside the building where future customers live and work and AAPD project fully embraces this concept to ensure an intimate understanding of future customers and markets. AAPD learns about customers, validating their needs and achieving insights through carefully controlled experiments and by analysis of data from experiments. It also establishes processes to “get’ and “keep” customers.The Risk Management domain is used to customise the capabilities of the platform into a concrete bundle of services; to be achieved by close interaction with an early-evangelist customer. The AAPD demonstrator platform will handle the type of large and diverse datasets (i.e. Big Data) used in risk and insurance analysis.EU investment will be used for speed of route to market and to commercialise the innovative lead which RAISMEhas generated. A rapid return on investment is envisaged with early payback of RAISME and AAPD costs."



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