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APL-utbyte för elever inom vård- och omsorgsutbildning
Date du début: 15 août 2014, Date de fin: 15 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Birgittaskolan is an upper secondary school with tree different programs, Health care program, Social science program and Natural science program. The school also has education for adults as well as Swedish for immigrants. This project is for students attending the Health care program and we want them to do their internship abroad. The purpose of the project is to increase the understanding of people’s differences and needs, as well as to increase the interest and status of the program. All students who have completed their courses in health care and English can apply to do their internship abroad in the third year or the third semester (if they are adults). There is certainly an interest among the students but not everyone wants to go. We have only sent seven students out of thirty. One reason is a lot of students being without Swedish passports, because they are not Swedish citizens. Another reason is students wanting to do their last internship at home in order to find their first job after school. We do have a lot of contacts with different schools in Europe who help us find internships and supervisors who take care of our students during the mobility. During the mobility the students have goals and tasks to do. They are assessed by their supervisors and their learning agreement tells what skills to fulfill. This assessment will be the basis for their grade in the course and a part of their degree. Back home students present their experiences to other students. They also take part of an exhibiting and tell younger students and their parents about their experiences during the internship. After coming home students evaluate their trip together with their coordinator. Since we have a collaboration we also receive students to our school. It is a good experience for those students staying in Sweden during the internship. Then they have the possibility to meet foreign students to get to know how it is in their home country. Our students can guide them and learn from them. As a conclusion we have had a successful project that has helped us get better prepared for a globalized world and to learn more about different cultures. One aim of the project was to offer a foreign internship and that aim is reached. Another aim was to prepare the students to handle cultural differeces. The project is a help in being more open to others and we are convinced that it is increasing the popularity of the program.



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