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Ap rise yourself! Against Poverty
Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 1 nov. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Cyprus Youth Clubs Organization (CYCO) will cooperate, within the framework of EVS Program, as a Sending Organization with Oikogeneia kai paidi, Greek Hosting Organization that will host for the period 1/07/2014-1/07/2015 the Cypriot participant selected, Xenia Economidou. The Partners will cooperate in the Project “AP Rise Yourself! Against Poverty”. The main aims of the project are: -Support the families with children that belong to vulnerable groups of people, in Thessaloniki and in the region of Central Macedonia, within the Social Support Center funded by Oikogeneia kai Paidi in 2012. Apart from the psychological and social support which is offered by psychologists, social workers, and volunteers we also support them by giving them food supplies, clothes and any kind of useful objects. - Create a fruitful exchange of experience, knowledge, prospective, in individual, local and international level. Through the volunteers, the SO and the HO could build good partnership in order to continue their cooperation in the future. - Give to the young professionals the opportunity to live an important life experience and a great educational path, to increase important skills and knowledge, in a formal and non-formal way, and to be in contact with a different reality, culture, language. - Help the youngsters to be aware of the rights and responsibilities as European citizens, and give them the possibilities to find different ways of active participation. -Develop solidarity and promote tolerance among young people, in particular in order to foster social cohesion in the European Union; foster mutual understanding between young people in different countries. -Contribute to developing the quality of support systems for youth activities and the capabilities of civil society organizations in the youth field; promote European cooperation in the youth field. This project offers to the volunteer the opportunity to improve and develop her competences, learning a new language, being in contact with a new culture, developing leadership and group-building skills through team working supporting families. The volunteer could: participate at the Social Support Center activities, collecting food and clothes and provide them to the families, giving lessons on foreign languages and participating to workshops; take part on launching of the Charity shop; develop and promote Time Bank. The volunteers are also encouraged to take an active part during the program, practicing their skills as well as new ideas and their motivations. Also the volunteer can improve their social skills, living in a different place, having an experience in knowing a new culture, living in close contact with different people from different European countries and getting in contact with different cultures. Consequently, according to European key competences for life-long learning, throughout this project, participant will have improvement in the competence areas below: • Communication in the mother tongue • Communication in foreign languages • Competence in technology • Digital competence • Learning to learn • Social and Civic competence • Sense of Initiative and Entrepreneurship • Cultural awareness and expression The SO will be in charge of the Pre-Departure Training and will assist directly the volunteer in the first and final steps of the project (departure and return). The HO will be responsible of the volunteer during all the realization of the project, regarding accommodation, safety, social inclusion, role and duties in the organization, training. The HO will support volunteer`s ideas and personal projects, according to the possibilities of the organization. Both the SO and HO will establish a close communication, according to their agreement and the needs of the volunteer. The HO organization will monitor the work and progress of the volunteer through different ways (questionnaires, report, individual and group meeting) through the Mentor and the Responsible of the activities.



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