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Anti-bias approach in local youth work
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Youth workers and employees in leisure time activities centres in the Czech Republic and Slovakia rarely reflect on their own prejudice and biases. This does not only lead to (often unintentional) discrimination, but what is worse, to replication and maintenance of biases in youth they are working with. Our short survey among youth workers showed that they seldom know how to address with such complex topics as discrimination, bias, power when working with youth. From our experience, the anti-bias approach might present a solution for their needs, as it both helps them reflect on their own practice, power and biases and also equips them with tools to address these topics directly in their work with young people.This project also creates possibility for human rights educators to learn a new methodology, helping them innovate their practice and maintain the improvement of the quality of their work.We will be meeting 22 participants from the Czech and the Slovak Republic for two 5-days long trainings. During both phases, participants will be engaged in self-exploring activities, tackling their own biases, prejudices and power positions. They will also reflect on these activities from a trainers perspective, preparing not only for a short practice between trainigs, but also for the implementation of the anti-bias approach in their usual youth work.At the end of the project, participants will be able to design, run and evaluate an activity using AB methods with relevant target group and having realistic expectations about possible impact of their activity. They will have profound knowledge about the AB approach methodology, individual methods and activities and will have experience in running an AB activity. Having attended the project, they will also be a member of a group, where they can search for support, supervision and sharing of good practice.



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