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Anima let’s start a movie !
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project „Anima let’s start movie „ was created thanks to the Youth, interested and engaged in ngo’s activities, working with „Adulis” Foundation and other partnership organizations. It was possible to do thanks to people who love art and culture . Earlier cooperation of this NGOs organizations made the atmosphere for doing the project – film animation. This project was also a good method for better integration of the youngest part of the European community. To illustrate the work system of this project we needed to use different film tools: animation, the process of its realization, assembly. The group of talented innovators are very yang people leaving in Poland from early childhood, who come originally from different African countries. We would like to use our personal life experience for realization of this excellent project promoting intercultural dialog, tolerance and the openness attitude . During the several workshops participants were able to create short animations, working in international groups, assembly them and prepare for the final show for the public.Number of participants: 48Countries: NORWAY, HOLLAND, G.BRITAIN, POLANDPLACE OF REALIZATION: WARSAW-POLANDGoals we wanted to reach: - creation of the individual artistic message through the animation film,- explores by the participants the possibilities of the artistic drawing matter and perfecting of the animation process,- creative use of the contemporary digital tools – our overriding goal- nabycie przez uczestników elementarnej wiedzy z zakresu muzyki i dźwięku i opanowanie podstawowych programów umożliwiających montaż dźwięku- acquire by the participants of the basic knowledge from the music and sound range,- deepen the knowledge of the participants from the picturing technique range,- increasing the participants knowledge in the assembly process and system possibilities- increasing the patricipants knowledge in the recording the animation, copy it to media- increasing the participants knowledge from the set designe and form - increasing the participants knowledge from the speaking skeels, voice-over and art of speech range,- increasing the participants knowledge from the field of the history of animation and the film, - increasing the linguistic, organizational and entrepreneurship competence of the participants- better integration of the european youth ,- involvement of the young people with fewer opportunities,- increasing linguistic competence of the participants,Subjects and issues raised in the project:Animation story in short What the animation is. Different kind of animation.Joint creation of the simple animation. Inspiration for the creation..Evaluation of the effects of the animation classes: good features and mistakes. How to avoid mistakes.Animation plan – join creation of the storyboard, undertaking the decision of the operating technique.Designe of the form and scenographyVoice recordingsAnimation.Knowledge of the operating the movie makerCreating the end credits, adding sound effects.Recordin to media.METHODS:History of the animation workshopCreating animation workshop Planning the animation workshopDesigning animation workshopVoice-over workshopAnimation in praktice.Diction and expression workshopAssembly of the animation workshop Dubbing and sound effects workshopRecording technik workshop.The film show.



3 Participants partenaires