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Ανοιχτό, δημιουργικό σχολείο: ΠΑΡΑΘΥΡΑ ΣΤΟΝ ΚΟΣΜΟ
Date du début: 1 juil. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Gymnasium of Messaria is a small school (214 students, 16 teachers), located on the island of Santorini. With our project: "Open, creative school: WINDOWS on the WORLD", we aspire to provide a more creative and holistic dimension in everyday life of the school, in the minds of our students and the professional development of our staff. We believe that small steps in many directions, from a sufficient number of persons,-if well organised- they can bring great changes to school reality. We've experienced it in 2011, when our school was selected to act as pilot and thereafter every year we enrich our experiences, a "journey", which thankfully never ends.For this design, we considered as small steps the structured courses we wish to attend in various countries of Europe. We believe that the exchange of experiences and best practices with colleagues from these countries will provide us with a wealth of tools to help us organize better our school.We target 13 mobility activities, which will be held from 3-4 of our teachers during a 24 months period. The results will be exploited directly from all the teachers of the school, as we are all going to implement new practices in the classroom. Apart from this, we plan to design extra-curricular programs (like for example "Program for European culture") and various actions (such as the creation of an e-journal titled "Windows on the world".)Our main directions are:a. Modernization and enrichment of the teaching tools, enhance of communication skills, motivation, sharing between different cultures, improvement of language skills, strengthening self-confidence and extroversion of all teachers of the school.b. Training of administrative staff, so they can more effectively manage crises, take quick decisions, organize staff, communicate with parents and students.c. Creation of a more positive and creative school climate, where students feel active, enhance self-awareness and self-confidence, are motivated, develop their abilities, accept and integrate effectively with different cultures, collaborate, create links with students from other European countries, open their spiritual horizons.d. Guiding students to a different way of dealing with tourists and in a more creative and holistic use of the ecological, historical and archaeological treasures of our island. This is where comes our partner Primera, which specializes in fostering youth entrepreneurship.Events, conferences, extra- curricular activities s, open discussions, job shadowing between colleagues, creation of blog, online newspaper and various actions during these two years is going to multiply the impact of our project, opening "Windows" in the island's society, in neighboring schools, and other schools in Europe.The results of the project will be evaluated using the reactions of our target groups (questionnaires to students, parents, teachers before and after implementation of the project), their participation in our actions, comments on the blog, our own observations (journals with case studies, electronic record with producing material). We are also going to use measurable indicators (such as reduction of early school leaving, increase of school performance etc.)Our methodology throughout the project relies on techniques of action research, while the structured courses of the mobility activities will use experiential learning methods, group collaborating, observation and active research.Europe is governed by principles that we want to instill in our students (such as human rights, respecting each other's individuality and equality). We are confident that every effort of internationalization of our school will act positively in that direction, in both the short and long term.Such a rich experience and such an ambitious plan could not be carried out without financial support from external factors. Any help would provide additional incentives to further motivate our teachers.



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