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An Open Platform to Test Integration in new MArkeT DEsigns of massive intermittent energy sources dispersed in several regional power markets (OPTIMATE)
Date du début: 1 oct. 2009, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2012 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Five Transmission System Operators (Belgium, France, Germany and Spain) together with seven RTD performers propose a 3 year research and demonstration project to compare pros and cons of new market designs aiming at the integration of massive intermittent energy sources dispersed in several regional power markets. Under the technical coordination of RTE, they will implement a novel network/system/market modelling approach to provide the consortium with an open simulation platform able to exhibit the comparative benefits of several market design options. Such options may originate either from anyone of the four studied markets or from partners that have already worked for the UK or Danish electric systems. Market participants and TSO are players of such a simulation: each area is represented by aggregated realistic data over one year and system security rules are fulfilled at any time. The demonstration tasks require data with appropriate non disclosure agreements, in order to address first the market behaviour of fully rational players, and next the impact of non optimal behaviours, using agent modelling. Results will be compared (possibly ranked) before being packaged and presented to the TSO community and regulatory authorities for analysis of the platform potential and trustworthiness of the simulation results. This demonstration will be complemented by intensive dissemination activities towards the TSO community within EU27 and beyond, with dedicated trainings to accompany the take-up of the simulation platform. An exploitation agreement is proposed to further improve and expand the platform within the pan European TSO community, beyond the end of this project. Such a platform will help developing technical and regulatory solutions compatible with a virtual single European Grid and regional network management processes by assessing, through combined network and market modelling, the expected outputs of new market designs in support of the 2020 EU27 targets.



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