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An integrated strategy for the conservation and use of underutilized Latin American agrobiodiversity (LATINCROP)
Date du début: 1 nov. 2013, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"LATINCROP objectives are to reinforce agrobiodiversity conservation in the Andean region; to identify promising underutilized species for commercial initiatives and improved food security; and to integrate activities into a strong network between relevant stakeholders in Latin America and the EU. The project will identify attractive species for marginal lands involving novel crop combinations thus establishing robust cropping systems. The underutilized species of the Andes are regarded as extremely nutritious and stress tolerant, hence significant components of human culture at present and in the future, with a vital role in the upkeep of sustainable livelihoods and ecosystem stability. Yet, the loss of species, cultivars and wild relatives, and associated traditional knowledge at the farm level, has a noticeable impact on food security of small hold farming communities and their ability to cope with adverse climates. LATINCROP will address the following themes: (A) Environmental - Conservation of agro-biodiversity, (B) Economic - Sustainable development of bio-economy, (C) Social - Improved food security, and (D) Network - Supporting existing activities into network. The project duration is 48 months to be implemented by a team from Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Denmark, UK and Spain. The project takes stock of related past and on-going projects and will complement them in an integrative approach to obtain long-term results leading to increased food security, on the selected crops among seed, roots and tubers. The principal expected outcome is the strengthening of the conservation of the Andean agrobiodiversity for food security and global bioeconomy. We will improve sustainable use of agrobiodiversity by developing underutilized crops, supporting economic development in Latin America while ensuring mutual interest and benefit with the EU, and creating a network to facilitate transfer of knowledge and technology related to the promotion of underutilized Andean species."



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