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An INTegral Teacher Training for developing digital and communicative competences and subject content learning at schools
Date du début: 1 nov. 2009,

The Consortium has been working together in educational projects, partners are convinced of the need to train teachers in developing digital (DC) & communicative (CC) competences to foster significant learning of subject content (SC). So, a preparatory visit was held in UAH to design this proposal (Nov'08)DC & CC are identified as key competences for LLL & are closely related to SC learning, personal & professional development in today’s society. Moreover, a good achievement of DC & CC are needed for all areas of employment & should be developed in Compulsory Education. This responsibility lies in teachers (Ts). Then, the role of Ts is changing & ITT should aim at changing practice to address these needsAIMSThe project is addressed to student teachers (STs) in ITT to develop DC, CC & SC significant learning in pupils through a methodology based on the significant use of DC. The project intends to provide an integral teacher training and to foster an attitudinal change in STs through ITT as the acquisition of DC, CC & SC learning are integrated to benefit one another in a symbiotic way, & not taught/learnt apart, as it is usually done. Thus, DC, CC & SC learning should be worked through every subject areaMAIN OUTPUTS- Methodology based on the significant use of DC to develop CC & improve SC significant learning in pupils- Materials: 6 CDs including 2 modules (1 in mother tongue/1 English) with didactic activities & didactic suggestions for STs to develop DC, CC & SC learning in pupils- STs mobility means transference/exchange/intercultural experience & project impact spreading- Dissemination Plan: national/international level- Evaluation Plan to ensure quality: internal/externalIMPACTThere are 3 target groups depending on the involvement with the project. Involvement Levels:- HIGH: 300 STs, 36 tutors , 150 mentors/teachers- MEDIUM: 1200 pupils, 60 Ts, 12 schools, Educational community/Authorities- LOW: Other universities/schools/authorities, LLL Ts



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