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An experience of multi-cultural co-existence: Art and culture as a means of EU integration and co-existence
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The aim of this module project is to offer a course that deals with the long history of Europe from political, cultural and artistic points of view to underline the main conflict bearing areas within Europe and how those conflicts are put aside for the motivation of the co-existence for a common future and make students aware of co-existence of various political, religious, cultural and sexual communities in Europe.Europe, with ages long history, has been home to many different cultures living together; but not always in peace within the social, economical and cultural harmony. Political, religious and economic conflicts led countless wars leaving thousands and sometimes millions of people suffering behind. Rising over this downbeat past, EU glitters as an initiative for bringing “the others” in the perspective of “the familiar” to form a promising future for the whole world.The course will convey within its interdisciplinary approach the history of Europe from political, cultural, artistic points of views. The students will have the understanding of the importance of EU with its historical background, primary goals by its foundation and core values for a better future. Except their education on design history, the students from design related departments will receive additional aspects of European cultural, economical and political history to convey the impact of existence EU as a political, social and cultural body.With the academic background provided, the students will be asked to produce art & design works in the workshops, in which they will be able to think, analyse and make synthesis of what they have learnt on a practical basis. Therefore they will be able to use the information gathered actively and also they will have opportunity to reflect their experience as an attendance of the course in the frame of interdisciplinary artistic product creation and design based interpretations. The course will consist of 48 hours of classes of which 36 hours will