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Ampliando Horizontes para la Formación Profesional
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This Project has two types of mobilities: one for students and one for teachers. The mobility of students will be mainly aimed at students of Initial Vocational Training (FPGM) and it is also open to students of Basic Vocational Trainining (FPB) for the development of professional internships in companies of Italy. It will include 2 flows of 21 students each for 13 weeks of stay per flow. The mobility of teachers will consist on job-shadowing about Dual Vocational Training in Germany and England. It will include two flows of 6 participants each for 1 week stay per flow (one flow will go to Germany and the other to England). The IES Virgen de las Nieves is willing to share its experiences with centres of other European countries and learn from these centres. The objective of this activity is that teachers aquire knowledge about training programmes, administrative management, monitoring strategies, etc. used in other countries. In order to achieve educational improvement it is essential the existence of evaluation and dissemination proceedings of those experiences contributing to the acquisition of competences by the students. This project is a good opportunity to do so. The project will consist of two flows of 6 teachers and professionals lasting one week each. The period planned would not influence on the normal running of lessons in the IES, since in that period (April-May) an important number of students would be doing their internship at companies (FCT) so that it would be easier to replace these teachers in that period. Regarding the profile of the teachers, they have great experience in the development of European educational projects. The two flows would visit two very important European countries in terms of Dual Vocational Training, such as: England and Germany. Regarding the activity for students, the mobility will take place in Italy in the city of Palermo, Sicily. IESVN is planning to send a total of 42 students and 2 accompanying teachers, divided into two flows of 13 weeks each. Each flow will have 21 students (3 students for each of the 7 specialties: Motor vehicle electromechanics; Carpentry and furniture; Manufacture and installation of carpentry and furniture; Consumer equipment; Electromechanical Maintenance; Installation and maintenance of machinery and electromechanical driving lines and Machining (industrial maintenance and mechanics) and there will be one accompanying teacher for each flow (for the first and last week of stay). In case that the project is approved, this school would take part as a sending organisation in the Erasmus + project, therefore, it is a major challenge for this organisation to ensure the quality of this project, and for that reason, it has a team of teachers and members of the management team available to it and dedicated to helping in every way possible. In addition, in the host country the IESVN has the help and collaboration of diffefferent intermediary and host organisations which will help the IESVN in everything that might be necessary. IESVN will always have direct control over the project and will be in charge of coordinating and checking all aspects of the project from its drafting to its justification. IESVN firmly believes that its partners can help them to organise the Erasmus + project in a reliable and professional way, helping IESVN with the organization of basic services such as accommodation, training programme, local transport and additional services that will enrich the project, for example some cultural and pedagogical training activities. The students of IESVN work very hard to obtain a training that will allow them to improve their socio-economic situation and to find a job in this difficult economic crisis situation. Nowadays, it is necessary to have work experience to find a job, yet the young people that are finishing their professional training at IESVN still do not have it. Furthermore, we believe that practical training in another European country will multiply their chances of accessing the labour market and it will also be an opportunity to learn and speak in another language, something which is considered as essential to find a job. The main aim of the project is to give the students a beneficial experience that will help them both in their personal life and in their professional life in the future. Throughout this European experience and period of training abroad, the participants will increase their chances to find a high quality job. Additionally, the staff training will positively return to the IESVN through the quality in the training delivered to students.



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