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Aménagements dans un éco-quartier
Date du début: 1 mai 2016, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Roverway aims to bring to life a commitment for 5,000 young Europeans, aged 16-22 years, around European citizenship and diversity from the 3rd to 14th August, 2016.In our meeting, 48 youth and young adult participants from 5 different European countries (including Italians and Dutch ) and a French team of 8 young are expected.The project Eco village road will create a sense of community and cohesion both between participants. The first six days, called the Road, can create a sense of community and cohesion both between participants and between participants and the local partner and with residents or beneficiaries of the association. Organize playing times for children and families of the district...Our meeting will take place in three specific times:-1st time: service action in connection with the local population and a partner association:construction of ecological facilities: hotel in insects, street furniture ...- 2nd step: reflection on European citizenship:meeting with elected officials, exchanges on the feeling of belonging to Europe, what makes them Europeans ...- 3rd time: discovery of the Breton culture:Homestays meals, visits of tourist places, meetings with people ...Once this project realized in region, our group will join other participants in Jambville (Yvelines, 78) to share our experience and live a more intercultural meeting with all participants.We also hope that local residents of Courrouze continue to use the facilities and made the involvement of young people leave a place in the facilities planned at the site of cartridge factories .



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