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Ambrosia: Europeana Food and Drink (Ambrosia)
Date du début: 1 janv. 2014, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

AMBROSIA: Europeana Food and Drink is a Best Practice Network under 'Objective 2.1 Europeana and creativity b) Promoting the use of Europeana by creative industries' of the ICT Policy Support Programme.The objective of AMBROSIA is to promote the wider re-use of the digital cultural resources available through Europeana by the Creative Industries to boost creativity and business development across Europe.In order to provide a strong thematic identity which will connect the public, Creative Industries & the culture sector, AMBROSIA will focus on the subject of Europe's food and drink culture, with a specific emphasis on 3 themes:• My Food and Drink Life –focusing on the personal and domestic aspects of food and drink;• Food and Drink in the Community –focusing on the social and community aspects of food and drink;• The Food and Drink Industry - focusing on the cultivation, manufacture, production and distribution of food and drink.AMBROSIA will achieve its objective by delivering 4 connected 'tracks' of activity:• In the 'Content Track', we will discover, prepare, license and upload to Europeana 50,000-70,000 unique high-quality digital assets & their associated metadata;• In the 'Public Engagement Track', we will engage the public, retailers and distributors in campaigns, piloting and crowd activities to encourage them to share and make use of food and drink-related content;• In the 'Creative Applications track', we will work with Creative Industry partners to develop a suite of 9 innovative creative and commercial applications, deliver 3 Open Innovation Challenges and extend the Europeana Open Labs network;• In the 'Learning Track', we will develop and share new knowledge, understanding and guidance on successful public/private partnerships focussed on digital cultural contentThe AMBROSIA Work Plan will be supported by structured project management, continuity planning and a strand of proactive communication and dissemination.



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