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"Ambassadors of European culture"
Date du début: 1 mai 2015, Date de fin: 29 févr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Youth exchange project "Ambassadors of European culture" prepared 24 culture ambassadors from different European partner countries such as Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria and Czech Republic. Project “Ambassadors of European culture” aim was to give youth opportunity and promote their active European citizenship, the same as participation in democracy and becoming a culture ambassadors in they countries. The Project tasks were: - to develop creativity and culture; - to promote intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and solidarity; - to ensure the youth exchange Project and involve in it youth from Latvia and other European countries; - to promote intercultural communication, acquainting with different cultures in Europe; - to inform in the project involved young people about the culture diversity, identity, intercultural communication, national stereotypes and to promote their breaking; - to acquaint youth with history, cultures, basics of languages, music and dances workshops of different countries, national games, national or traditional holidays and national food. - to improve the competences and skills level of youth and youth workers (including youth with special needs), as well as to improve the youth cooperation; - to ensure the unity, education, development of the young people, which are involved in the project; - to organise different activities, which are connected with the acceptance of common and different; - to perform social work and to ensure the activities of farewell party and successfully organize the workshop in multicultural environment in children’s home. Organizing all above mentioned activities there were reached the project aims, namely – there were promoted active citizenship of youth and participation in democratic life, becoming the ambassadors of their cultures, ensuring the personal development of youth. The project activities, such as presentations of their own countries - history, culture, basics of languages, music and dances workshops, national games, national/traditional holidays presentations and traditional food presentations promoted the participation, identity values and culture awareness of participants, breaked the national stereotypes, ensured the intercultural dialogue. Used methods and activities: non-formal education methods – acquaintance activities, ice breaking activities, energizers, intercultural evenings, excursions, workshops, orienting game, presentations and master-classes. Within the project there were video created about the example of good practice about intercultural communication during the project. The young people from different cultures become their own culture ambassadors. They had the possibility to express themselves in non-formal and creative way. It was a chance for youth to be as ambassadors of their cultures, to get acquainted with the cultural diversity from each other in non-formal atmosphere, to feel the inexperienced emotions, to learn to cooperate, make new contacts, to learn to appreciate other cultures and people, to be aware of their own role of ambassador and responsibilities.



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