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Always on the Right Track

The project will develop a comprehensive training programme for career counsellors in different partner countries. The training programme will be web-based and will be delivered via the project's 'multimedia workshop centre'. The contents of the training programme will be module based and will explore various themes in relation to the psychology of work and personalities and their impact on career paths. By working together the project partners hope to produce a standardised set of career counselling criteria with the aim of promoting the idea of the Eurocounsellor / Euroconsultant. In creating a web-based training programme, the project also aims to integrate European-level information on national occupations and national labour markets. Each project partner will have responsibility for developing a particular area of the web-based training modules and will draw upon their own area of expertise in doing so. The web-based training tool will further provide a 'smart' learning environment able to monitor and store information on individual users such as personal details and the counselling background of the individual. The viability of the web-based tool will be tested in the partner countries. Dissemination will largely take place via the project's website. As the potential user group for the project is diverse and expansive, dissemination is envisaged at EU, national and local level through a range of different contacts, including labour market institutions, research centres and local companies.



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