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Alternative "B": Green action for social change
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Alternative B: Green actions for social change" is a project that seeks to bring together youth from different countries and backgrounds in order for them to share experiences, exchange and find common solutions to pressing common social challenges like youth unemployment, climate change and active citizenship. The project will 1) enable and inspire participants to start their own socially responsible projects 2) will support them in the phases of idea development, implementation and growth and 3) will coach and support them on how to spread the idea of social entrepreneurship and to become change makers in their communities. "Alternative B" will invite 20 young, proactive and curious people from 4 different countries in Europe - Denmark, Bulgaria, United Kingdom and Latvia and will teach them and support them while they create the change they want to see in the world. Key activities: 1. Introductory training course - This will be intensive 7 days training course that will introduce the participants to key concepts of green and social entrepreneurship, communications and fundraising; will meet them with role models from across Europe; and will coach them how to create business plan. The final product of the Introductory Training will be ready business plan that participants will be mentored and encouraged to implement once they return to their home countries.2. After the first training course participants will be mentored to start implementing their business plans that they have created. They will be assigned set of specific activities that they need to fulfill in the next 6 months. The idea behind this is to ensure that participants get the chance to try out their ideas in real situation while they receive active support from the project team and the network that has been created during the first training. 3. Follow up Training: 6 months after the first training there will be a second one. The aim of this training is to enable young change makers to share experiences and support them based on the developments of their green enterprises. The follow up training will include information sessions, interactive work spaces and discussions that will help the participants overcome the challenges that they may have met so far and could face in the future.The project will use diverse methodology. Participants will get the chance to work in groups, to present their plans and ideas. to learn from each other's experiences. They will be coached in line with the non-formal educational methods - through interactive sessions, role play, interactive work spaces, discussions and educational games.The project will inspire young people to be the leaders of their lives, to change for good today's realities and to be proactive towards the challenges that they face. This project will create change makers that will ensure green and fair future for their communities and for the world.



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