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Date du début: 1 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project that we introduce is called: “Alpujarras: the last kingdom of the Alhambra” The context, where the initiative is created is the interest of both young people and organizers for further thinking and practice of culture of tolerance and peaceful resolution of conflicts, promoting that way, good treat and prevention of violence among young people. At the same time, we want to encourage positive reading habits, as privileged way of values education. With this project we intend to show that, despite the historical fact of the expulsion of Arabs from Granada in the fifteenth century, they were welcomed among the citizens of the Alpujarras, leading to a cultural symbiosis. This vision has remained until today, and that is why we want to manifest both within a national and European level, as a symbol of multiculturalism and coexistence. The main activity of this exchange is the bilateral meeting of 50 young people from Spain and Poland (25 from each country) in Maracena (Granada). These young people will have a group of 4 tutors (2 for each organization, having parity of representation) The profile provided for this project is for young people aged 18 who have shown interest in the cultural history of Spain, as well as knowledge of languages that enable proper communication between all group members. The activities that are going to be carried out during the exchange are aimed to understand the cultural history of this area of Granada: the Alpujarras. We wanted to highlight it for their involvement in the process of multiculturalism, in addition to its application in UNESCO World Heritage Site. For a better understanding we will have visits to some of its villages as well as lectures, workshops and activities focused on how life was in those places in the modern era (15th century) and the contemporary vision. With this new project, from the Youth Space of Maracena Townhall, colaborating with the Women Centre, we want to continue going forward in the development of a participative, supportive, respectfull, equal and well valued youth. That is why we want to remark the importance of dinamism, creativity and involvement in the comunity in the activities that we organize. After years of experience working with young people, we can set clear that the methodology of having fun while learning that we use is one of the essential tools for every entertainment activity, being the game a basic instrument for values education . Following this line, we have chosen our partner oganization because of its experience on the topic of the project and for its career, ability and awarenes about the educational and cultural topics. Trusting in the involvement of the youth (through different workshops), we expect very good results, because we are going to create exchange spaces, where they can live experiences that will make them develop their social and personal skills, helping them be promoters of positive changes in their comunity, region, country and outside it.



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