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alóc Út közös tematikus útvonal - komplex látogatóbarát fejlesztése / Palócka cesta, komplexné rozvíjanie spoločnej tematickej trasy s orientáciou na návštevníkov (Palóc Út - közös tematikus útvonal / Palócka cesta - spoločná tematická trasa)
Date du début: 31 août 2009, Date de fin: 30 août 2011 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

There were preliminary researches before putting together the complex tourism product of the Palóc people, which confirmed the necessity of the project:1. The Palóc Route is an attractive tourism product for visitors to make their stay richer, and for visitors specifically coming to participate in the Palóc Route.2. Visitors, tourists and professionals require places with several services, and appropriate tourism publications.3. The formation of a complex tourism product focused on Palóc traditions increases the number of tourists coming and the number of nights they spend in the region.4. The majority of Palóc settlements that preserve traditions of architecture, folk clothes and gastronomy are disadvantaged, and the development of complex infrastructure and related services is necessary.5. It is necessary to preserve and renovate built heritage thereby creating places for exhibitions, traditions and community.6. Physical traditional means are in danger of diminishing in the long run, if local collections, exhibitions are not handled properly.7. The local people and artists do not have easy living conditions but tourism services can include artists houses and tradition presenting galleries, thereby improving their standards of living, and ensuring preservation of traditions. Achievements: Palóc people\'s traditions, customs, handicrafts, as well as the architecture, gastronomy, songs and musical culture represent a complex set of values available but not used for tourism purposes. The first aim of the project was to form a cooperation that makes it possible to utilize these values in a more efficient way, through the development of complex tourism products. The main activities were uncovering, preserving and presenting Palóc folklore values, developing them into tourism products and carrying out community marketing activities. 8 exhibition centres have been created in 6 Hungarian and 2 Slovak municipalities and a joint (4 language) Palóc Route value map was published.



  • 83.1%   820 677,86
  • 2007 - 2013 Hungary - Slovak Republic (HU-SK)
  • Projet sur KEEP platform
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