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Alliance for Materials – A value chain approach to materials research and innovation (MatVal)
Date du début: 1 oct. 2012, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Currently, there is a lack of consistent coordination between the activities of the various ETPs, which has led to a diverse range of ideas as to what is important to European materials developments, and consequently a somewhat fragmented support for these developments. In 2010, a group of ETPs (EuMaT, Suschem, Manufuture, FTC, ESTEP and SMR) with most significant material agenda, came together to create an Alliance for Materials (A4M). The driver for this collaboration was to ensure a Value Chain coverage to improve the speed of implementation of innovations in Europe that address the Grand Societal Challenges but with a clear attention to the competitiveness aspects too, in agreement with at least two of the pillars of Horizon 2020. Among the fundamental concepts of A4M is the Value Chain concept. It is regarded as the key element driving synergistic benefits through a common path which integrates players, resources and strategies starting from the fundamental aspects of materials science up to the industrial system that produces and/or transforms materials into valuable products.Alliance for Materials initiatives (A4M) is a new way of thinking; a partnership and networking in Materials Research and Innovation. With the MatVal proposal, A4M intends to enter into its crucial implementation phase creating the condition for a real enlargement of the network to the sector oriented ETPs active along the different value chains and concomitantly bringing together other relevant actors of the European Materials community, for a real integration of voices and visions.The key objectives include:To contribute to the implementation of the A4M view and strategyTo integrate the diversity of ideas in Materials across ETPsTo rely on a Value Chain based concept as main driver for a credible integrationTo speed up industrial exploitation of materialsTo pull together all the key materials technologies to support the Commission in establishing priorities



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