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All We Need Is The Right Motivation
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In the process of globalization in our age, the importance of language and educating individuals who are open to development are increasing with each passing day. To train qualified personnel in accordance with the process of globalization and Technological developments is one of the most important objectives of vocational high schools. In this context, our institution serving as a vocational high school status, by educating students who continuously has the efforts of self-improvement, both in their professional and technical and social areas, aims them to serve our country in the best way with a sense of Europeanization. This project has been prepared in order to accomplish all these to increase the learning motivation of English, which is adopted as the common language, in the countries that are EU member in the globalization process in vocational schools. In this respect, the surveys are organized in our school, according to the results our students think they are unsuccessful as they are not motivated enough although they like English. In the results of our survey, it is identified that they don’t have the courage to apply for a job in European countries because of the lack of their foreign language proficiency. This has given us direction while forming the ground of our project. The unemployment rate in 2013 is announced as 9.7 by Turkey Statistical Institute. This rate has increased to 0.5, compared to the previous year’s rate. When learning a second foreign language, in terms of both national and Europeanization will increase the quality of professional and personal life standards and it will contribute to the reduction of the effect on growing unemployment rate upon people. Thus it will also make the vision of our organization effective in educating individuals who will give direction to the commercial development of our country and have the entrepreneurial spirit in the process of Europeanization. Our city has major land and sea transport and rail networks between Asia and Europe. For this reason, it is one of the most important local and international industrial cities in our country and our region. Considering that our school is a vocational school, the importance of this issue foregrounds. Our school has important responsibilities in the provision of employment needs in our province of industrial sector. Under this project, in the countries of the European Union standards, the examination of the methods that are applied in professional and general foreign language fields and dissemination of these achievements in local and national platforms is one of the most prominent objectives of us. Within this project, first the institutions that give this type of courses under the Erasmus+ were searched. The background of these institutions and the contents of their programmes were examined. It is planned to attend the courses on 18-22 January,2016 in Czech Republic, 22-26 August,2016 in Sweden, 24-28 October,2016 in Malta and 23-29 April, 2017 in Portugal. Pre-registration forms have been sent to the institutions in these countries. For the purpose of the dissemination of our project, our project was attached to the e-Twinning portal which we had previously had. The course attendance and Europass documents that will be taken from the courses are planned to use in-service activities by our institution. In this way, from the courses of “group dynamics and social skills, Teaching Methods, Grammar Methodologies and Effective use of outdoor learning” that are taken abroad, dissemination of in local, regional, national and international platforms is planned through the in-service seminars, web sites and e-Twinning portal. Besides, the Europass documents will be contributed to the creation of the Turkish Europass portal. Through the course that are taken from our participants: a. examining the methods of education in European standards, b. making interesting, creative and effective lessons arrangements during the preparation for the course, c. practicing the professional and general English language teaching techniques by living in European countries, d. by using the motivating methods to create awareness of their students that English is easier to learn and use, e. being aware of a follower of the developments, f. by sharing the gained experiences evaluating the position of where we are in the process of internationalization, g. building a cultural bridge between the countries, h. establishment of European citizenship awareness among participants and providing transfer by dissemination activities, i. being an example to the other institutions in the region in terms of obtain the EU standards, are some of the expected results of this project that will be gained and to increase motivation of students and teachers and to create permanent impact in achieving all their goals, this project has been planned to take two years.