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All Roads to EU 8 / Avrupa'da Buluşuyoruz
Date du début: 2 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 1 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In extent of the EVS project 30 youngs that fewer oppourtinities will join EVS activities in 7 countries in EU by 11 hosting organisations. Each activity will last 30days with 2 volunteers as well. By the projectfollowing aims estamtedt:improved the level of key competences and skills of young people, including those with fewer opportunities, as well as to promote participation in democratic life in Europe and the labour market, active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and solidarity, in particular through increased learning mobility opportunities for young people;iimproved learning performance; enhanced employability and improved career prospects; increased sense of initiative and entrepreneurship; increased self-empowerment and self-esteem; improved foreign language competences; enhanced intercultural awareness; more active participation in society; better awareness of the European project and the EU valuesThe procect activities focus on youth center- child activities.Additional that planting and cleanin in publicreas like beach park etc and in refugee camps youngs activities will be carried out in the project. EVS ad EU options seminers will be held in rural district cities in faculties and vocatioanl school, after that motivation letters for the project weill be requested from willing youngs. 20 female and 10 male youngs will be choosed for the evs activity in the partner orgsantions that Atatürk University in contact with since 2006.After project we wait the out comes language capability- inter cultural awaraness- Improve learning performance and sense of initiative and entrepreneurship.increased motiation for working life else.In the project nonformal learning metology will be issued . by that volunteers will learn see- act or know how.



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