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Alhama Crafts
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Alhama de Granadacountries: Spaon, Poland, Hungary, EgyptFor so long we have been living from our handicraft products: we had no commercialized system, or much to import. Today is the time when the young generation has no relation to the cultural handicraft products. They do not know how to do something with their own hands, and looks like they are not able to do anything without google or just in general, without machines. It is time to show them, how they can reach back to their culture, old habits, and to show them, these things should not be forgotten. With this Training Course we aim to bring together youth association who believe in the same: we should re-find our own culture, and pay more attention to the old ones to learn about how they were living 50-100 years ago. The world is different know, but understanding our history makes us strong to handle our present. With this project we are aiming to show our generation: do it yourself is not an expensive new fashion, it is our history, our culture, and to learn it was not part of some fun game, but it was necessary to cope with life years ago. Because of this we came up with an idea to organize a training course about handcraft products: participants are going to learn how to make some easy ones, and they will also have to bring some from their own culture. The idea that every day we learn a new product to do. Some of them we will only know by presentations but we will pretend to make every of them in the real life.The project will take place in Alhama de Granada, which seems like to be a perfect place to renew old habits: Alhama has historical record having artesena productos from 6000 years ago. We are going to show our participants the local handcraft products and we also ask them to bring something from their own country. We will visit local entrepreneurs and they will share with our participants their stories, their work, and they will also talk about the dark and sunny sides of being an entrepreneur. We aim that our participants as important pillar of their own organization will go home and teach the local people (mostly youth) how to do easy handcraft products, and how to make money out of it. This could help to decrease the unemployment rate in their own country, and would give a nice free time possibility for them. Meanwhile they also learn a lot about different cultures, habits, and they will widen their international horizon. Our goals are: - Decrease the number of unemployment- Develop the skills and competencies of participants- Develop creativity of the participants- Discuss about different cultures and ways of acting- Share best practices between participants - Define the next steps of the involvement of youth into their local life- Understand the non-formal education, the exchange of experiences and good practices- Promoting the idea of European citizenship and its values and principles- Promote Erasmus Plus program as a useful learning tool- Strengthen youth networking and creating a safe environment for participants to develop new ideas -spreading the word about Erasmus Plus and about this projectRecognition of learning will take participants through YOUTHPASS, as well as its recognition in different countries. In daily groups, and individually in order to complete the project, each participant should take notes about her/his YOUTHPASS.We hope that this experience will make our participants to spread the word and will bring better understand the importance of non-formal educationWe are confident that the exchange bonds participants, that will lead to new projects within Erasmus plus.



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