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Date du début: 1 oct. 2014, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

“ALCORCÓN EN EUROPA” initiative was created to meet the needs of the town of Alcorcón and its nearby areas which record a high unemployment rate. This situation, like in the rest of Spain, is consequence of the economic crisis that we are facing in recent years. Within this framework, the local population suffers increasing needs that are irectly connected with the lack of experience and job opportunities. For this reason the main objective of this project is to promote the employability of unemployed people of Alcorcon and its surroundings by improving their chances of personal development and employability levels. "ALCORCON EN EUROPA" is promoted by a consortium, coordinated by the Instituto Municipal para el Empleo y la Promoción Económica de Alcorcón -IMEPE, (Local Institution for the Promotion of Employment and Economy) and formed by other entities related to Education, Training and Employment. These entities have past experience in the organization of mobility programs. Thus, the project "ALCORCON EN EUROPA" has been offered to a group of 30 unemployed of Alcorcón and its environment from 18 to 60 years, who had previously completed a professional training cycle in any of the institutions that participate in this Consortium. These are the professional sectors to which the initiative has been addressed: • PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE IN CASINO AND GAMBLING ACTIVITIES. • PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE IN TV PRODUCTION ASSISTANCE • PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE IN HEALTHCARE TO DEPENDENTS IN SOCIAL INSTITUTIONS • PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE IN ADMINISTRATION AND FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT IN INTERNATIONAL COMMERCE • PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE IN MANAGEMENT AND MONITORING OF ALARM SYSTEMS IN COMMUNICATION NETWORKS • PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE IN SALES MANAGEMENT • PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE IN MANAGEMENT OF THE PRODUCTION IN MECHANICAL MANUFACTURING • PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE IN ACCOMMODATION AND CLEANING SERVICES MANAGEMENT • PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE IN INTERPRETATION AND ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION • PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE IN MARKETING AND INTERNATIONAL SALES • PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE IN EDITING AUDIOVISUAL POST-PRODUCTION. • PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE IN ADMINISTRATIVE AND GENERAL OPERATIONS • PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE IN DATA RECORDING/ AND DOCUMENT TREATMENT. • PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE IN PHOTOVOLTAIC PROJECTS ORGANISATION • EXPERT IN ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGEMENT • EXPERT IN TELECOMMUNICATION FACILITIES Objectives that have been achieved: • Improvement of a second language. • Acquisition of experience in their professional field • Expertise in their professional sector. • Knowledge of new techniques and working methods • Quality training through a specialized and effective internship. • Connection between business world and Education, being conscious of their respective needs, establishing bridges and synergies. • Increasing the capacity of entrepreneurship of the participants • Awareness of the importance of taking actions at an international level which will contribute to local development and to gain knowledge of new realities and cultures. "ALCORCON en Europe" trough a transparent and public process has achieved its objectives: giving 30 students the chance to complete a quality training period in a European company for 3 months in one of the following countries, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom and Poland. In each of these countries, we have had partnerships with companies that have acted as host partners. In addition to the mobilities, "ALCORCON in Europe" offers an added value, a full program of work insertion itineraries, which are offered to the participants through employment orientation services carried out by local partners. To sum up, the main results derived from "ALCORCON in Europe" project, as planned, directly affect the participants (acquisition of professional experience at an international level, improvement of a foreign language and increase of competitiveness and opportunities in the labor market). It also affects indirectly the city of Alcorcon and its environment, by contributing to its social and economic development.



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