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Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The towns of Alcorcón, Móstoles and their immediate surroundings recorded a high rate of youth unemployment which, as is the case with the rest of the Spanish state, is the result of the decline in economic activity in recent years. In this context, the local populaion presents a number of pressing needs related to lack of experience and job opportunities that justify the existence of the "ALCORCÓN EN EUROPA III" whose main objective is to promote the employability of both, our young unexperienced pupils and not that young looking for a profesional recycle by improving their opportunities for personal development and employability levels."ALCORCÓN EN EUROPA II" is sponsored by a consortium coordinated by the Municipal Institute for Employment and Economic Development of Alcorcón (IMEPE) and comprised of seven others active in the field of education institutions, training and employment, who together have extensive experience in mobility projects, providing continuity and strengthening the currently running project "ALCORCÓN IN EUROPE"."ALCORCÓN EN EUROPA III" is aimed at a group of 30 people either with no previous laboral expereience and/or those who have lost their job due to the crisis and now look for a new professional profile, in possession of a professional certificate through a VET course, obtained in any of the centers that make up the Consortium.The professional sectors to which the project is concerned are specifically:- Physical and sports activities. - Administration and management. - Graphic arts. - Trade and marketing. - Electricity and electronics. - Energy and water. - Hospitality and tourism. - Sound and vision. - Information technology and communications. - Health. - Safety and environment. - Sociocultural and community services.The Consortium has identified the specific needs of graduates in these professions:- Poor knowledge of a second language, which prevents them from dealing with the demands of the labour market.- Lack of experience or training in their field, making it impossible for young people to be competitive when applying for a job. - Lack of expertise (due to the aforementioned lack of experience). - Requirement for continuous adapting to new technologies (ICT).Based on the socio-economic context, to identified needs, professional sectors and the overall project objective, we have established the following objectives for "ALCORCÓN EN EUROPA II":- Encourage actions which look to acquire quality training and effective and specialized practice. - To combat the lack of connection between the worlds of business and education, and their respective needs, building bridges and synergies. - Provide participants with an opportunity to improve a second language with a stay abroad. - Ensure a better recognition of the competences acquired with a stay abroad.- To develop the participants' ability to entrepreneurship, to create more autonomous and sustainable societies. - Raise awareness among people of the opportunities offered by new employment, which requires urgent demand for trained and skilled professionals. - Raising public awareness of the importance of international action to levels that contribute to local economic development and understanding of the new realities and cultures.- Contribute to the alignment of VET policies with strategies of development at local, regional, national or even European level."ALCORCÓN EN EUROPA III" plans stays for 30 people, selected in accordance to a public and transparent process, to complete quality practical training in European companies for 3 months in Italy, Ireland, France, Portugal, and United Kingdom. In each of these cities, the Consortium has the support of a set of intermediaries and partners host companies that ensure project quality.Besides its own mobility, "ALCORCÓN EN EUROPA III" offers as additional value comprehensive custom program employability pathways, making employment guidance services managed by local partners available to the participants upon their return.In short, the main results of "ALCORCÓN EN EUROPA III" project will directly impact the participant (acquisition of professional experience at an international level, perfecting a foreign language and increasing competitiveness and opportunities in the job market) and indirectly in Alcorcón, Móstoles and the surrounding area, contributing to social and economic development in the area of operation.



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