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Aktywni edukacyjnie - efektywni zawodowo
Date du début: 3 oct. 2016, Date de fin: 2 avr. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project „Educationally active - vocationally effective” is directed to the group of students from ZST – Technical Training College No.9 (age 17-19), who are trained in professions: IT technician – 15 participants, mechanic technician – 27 participants, electronics technician – 14 participants and organization of advertising technician – 14 participants. The participants are divided into 5 project groups (each group consists of one profession representatives – this is due to the essential program and established aims). Also, a ZST school worker will be sent as a supervisor for each group.The project was prepared together with our partners (welcoming organizations): VITALIS Betreuungsgesellschaft für Modellprojekte mbH (Germany – the practice will be taken there by students in professions: mechanic technican) and euroMind S.L. (Spain – the practice will be taken there by students in professions: IT technician, organization of advertising technician, mechanic technician and electronics technician).The project is the answer for number of students’ needs, which are: professional/educational (including language), social and personal needs. The project is also a chance to eliminate obstacles connected with profession mobility thanks to improving language competence (English/German/Spanish – professional vocabulary) and learning about market requirements of partnership EU countries (Germany, Spain).The practice for each group lasts 3 weeks (15 working days). The issues concern the fields of: design and development of computer games in an Unity environment (it technican), creating advertising campaigns (organization of advertising technician), design and manufacture control installation of photovoltaic cells (electronics technician), maintenance of aircraft mechanical components and the use of CNC machine tools in the aerospace industry (mechanic technican).The practice for each group includes training, profession practice, cultural and language program.The main aim of the project is gaining practical skills in the field of using up-to-date technology and designing tools connected with direction of education, developing additional and language competence of Technical Training College No.9 students thanks to practicing in a different EU country.Expected measurable effects:- Carrying on 20 hours of English course (mainly professional language);- Carrying on 10 hours German or 15 hours Spanish course (adequately to staying place);- Carrying on 90 hours professional practice connected with the project’s subject;- Receiving Europass Mobility certificate but also certificates confirming gaining competence;- Successful project fulfilling (effects) confirmed in an adequate certificate by all participants;Expected additional effects:- Increase of participants’ professional competence and aspirations;- Increase of participants’ language competence (communication, cooperating – professional vocabulary);- Increase of participants’ profession mobility;- Breaking social and personal barriers which limit taking educational and/or profession challenges in different EU countries (increasing motivating indicator);- Creating correct attitudes of participants; enrichment of interpersonal contacts, limiting stereotypical perception of different cultures, ability to resolve conflicts, ability to cope with stress, ability to domesticate in a new environment, developing assertiveness;- Learning about culture, traditions and customs in everyday life and at work in different EU country (Germany, Spain);- Increasing quality and attractiveness of professional training by ZST;Wide dissemination actions include: using social media, printed materials, events, meetings, educational markets, hobby clubs, cooperating with school institutions together with wide groups of receivers who guarantee properly wide level of influence.



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