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Aktywna młodzież - czyste środowisko (Active youth - clean environment)
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

About the project Project ?Active youth - clean environment? focused on environmental education of Wroclaw?s inhabitants (mainly young people, children and other interested members of the local community). The projects objectives were to promote: - the European Union?s objectives (high level of environmental protection, etc.); - the active citizenship and social inclusion of young people; - the children?s rights to have their views taken into consideration on matters which concern them; - the revitalization of Wroclaw, - the objectives of the host organization, - mobility and personal development of volunteers. The number and profile of participants The project was planned and implemented by non-governmental organizations ?Foundation for Sustainable Development? (Wroclaw, Poland) and ?Green Cross Society? (Lvov, Ukraine). Participants of the project were two volunteers from Ukraine. Description of activities: - organization of the environmental clubs for children and youngsters; - organization of the workshops for students concerning environmental protection; - preparation of articles regarding the legal basis of the environmental protection for the web page; - assistance in the consultation for citizens on environmental protection; - assistance to the host organization Results and impacts of the project and the potential long-term benefits: - the level of understanding of the legal issues in the environmental protection by Wroclaw citizens was increased; - increasing active citizenship (including participation in environmental decision-making) and social inclusion of young people; - personal development of the volunteers; In a long term ? promotion of the participatory democracy participation and environmental protection among young people in the Partner Country, Ukraine; - dissemination of the methodology of environmental clubs? conducting in Ukraine.



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