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Aktywizacja potencjału fundacji B2B w oparciu o umiejętność tworzenia, realizacji i zarządzania działaniami proedukacyjnymi
Date du début: 1 déc. 2014, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project „Activation of the potential of B2B Foundation based upon the abilities to create, produce and manage the pro-educative activities” was fulfilled by Business to Business Foundation (B2B) from Białystok, Poland in the partnership with the Education, Research & Consultancy Center (ERCC) from Klaipedos, Lithuania in term of 01.12.2014-30.11.2015.The goal of the project was to increase the potential of B2B Foundation by gaining key competences by the volunteers during the project realisation in the matter of wide area of educating people and increasing their significance to the needs of the labor market and society. 100% of the established goals were reached:- new experience in the area of cooperation among adults was gained,- the competences and skills of volunteers were increased in the matter of acquiring funds for pro-educational projects directed at adults,- training skills of volunteers were increased,- international experiences and contacts were gained.The specific objectives of the project were reached in 100%.The participants, who took part in the project were the volunteers of B2B Foundation – adults, who have a direct influence on the development of the activities and they fulfill the process of educating adults on day to day basis.The number of participants taking part in the project:- First mobility “Gaining European funds specialist”- 8 volunteers of B2B Foundation,- Second mobility “Adults’ trainer” – 8 volunteers of B2B Foundation.During the project, the following activities were implemented:1. Preparing the mobility in the cooperation with the partner. The result was performing one preparation visit and preparing two educational mobility programs. Thank to that B2B Foundation gained experience in the transnational cooperation.2. Conducting preparation training of English language. The result is preparation of 16 sets of language materials and polish-English dictionary which has specialized vocabulary containing two mobilities of subject matter. It allows us to increase the skills in the matter of English language. 3. Two internal trainings were conducted in the matter of mobility, culture and economy of partner’s country, realisation of international projects and the rules of Erasmus+ Program. The result was conducting two trainings and gaining knowledge in the matter of a mentioned range.4. Organization and realisation of mobility 1 „Gaining European funds specialist” – volunteers acquired knowledge, skills and international experiences in the matter of gaining European funds. The results is:- Conducting 10 days of 1st mobility, in it 8 days of course for 8 volunteers,- Development of 2 assumptions of the projects with the partner,- Creating the form of development of B2B Foundation based on available funding sources.5. Organization and realisation of mobility 2 „Trainer of adults”. Volunteers gained knowledge, skills and international experience in the matter of conducting education for adults. The result is:- Conducting 10 days of 2nd mobility, in it 8 days of course for 8 volunteers,- Creating 8 authorial educational programs.The impact of the project is very wide. Volunteers were actively involved in the activities of B2B Foundation in the range of gaining and transferring the acquired knowledge. They saw the advantages of knowing English language and the realisation of international projects. Volunteers want to take part in creating other projects in the future and they are interested in conducting educational classes. The project had also influence on the Foundation itself by establishing educational initiatives during the whole project! 8 authorial educational projects were prepared. The Foundation prepared projects and organized and conducted trainings and conferences directed at adults, in which more than 100 participants from several dozen organizations from North-East Poland took part.Volunteers also changed their attitude, they are more interested in creating applications and they can see the effects of informal education.B2B Foundation started to organize cyclical meetings during which training and creating projects aspects were presented and expanded. The meetings, during which adults from non-governmental organizations, companies and public administration took part, had an open character.The long-term benefit is surely activation of the potential of B2B Foundation based on the ability to create, realise and manage educational activities by the volunteers of B2B Foundation. Gained experiences allowed us to start and develop cooperation with a foreign partner, and also it lets us plan other educational and project initiatives. The progress strategy of B2B Foundation was also developed, by among others preparing the offer concerning cooperation with partners during creation and realisation of educational projects.



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