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Aktivno ljeto za Kuterevo-medvjede
Date du début: 1 juil. 2011,

Active summer for Kuterevo-Bears is a short-term EVS project in which 4 volunteers from Bulgaria and Poland will take part. Two volunteers from Bulgaria will volunteer in Kuterevo Refuge for Bears and People for 2 months while the other two volunteers from Poland will stay for 2.5 months.The main objective of this short-term EVS project is to spread the idea of volunteerism and its values through educational and creative workshops, participation in cultural events, exhibitions of photographs and video promotions. The EU has designated 2011 as the European Year of Volunteering and that is the main inspirational driver for this project. Therefore EVS volunteers involved in the project will be our volunteer ambassadors who spread the idea and values of volunteerism, using the slogan Volunteer! Make a difference. Through participation in our summer volunteer program, they will have important role not only as volunteer ambassadors, but also as educators, trainers and initiators of intercultural events. Through this project, more than 200 young volunteers (different groups of scouts and Bouworde groups from Belgium, the Young Red Cross from Germany, etc.) will have opportunities to learn about volunteerism, human rights, environmental protection, to experience the atmosphere of solidarity and tolerance. After this EVS experience volunteers will return back home full of enthusiasm and motivation to actively participate in creation of a sustainable European society. Several thousand visitors of the refuge and festivals will have a great opportunity to get informed about volunteering, while local youth and children will have a chance to get involved in the development of their local communities, especially in environmental protection activities, through learning, playing and socializing activities. Finally, this short-team EVS team will open a new epoch of EVS volunteers in this traditional mountain village, where people live in harmony with wilderness.



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