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Aktive Ausbildung: Erfahrung England
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our school, the Friedrich-List-Berufskolleg, a vocational college in Bonn, organises a mobility project in England for our trainees in dual education. There are participants from many different areas: trainees studying to become "Industrial Business Management Assistants", "Automobile Sales Management Assistants", "Management Assistants in Retail Business", "Management Assistants in Wholesale and Foreign Trade", “Management Assistants in Informatics / IT-Systems”, and trainees studying to become legal assistants. During a 4-week period of practical training the students are supposed to improve their vocational, intercultural and also their language skills. All of our 30 participating trainees are well-chosen and are only able to take part because of their great motivation and outstanding performances at work and at school. The companies in which they train are letting them go and work in England for 4 weeks. They only miss school for two weeks because the second two weeks of their period of practical training in England take place in the summer holidays. To prepare the students for their stay in England they all receive lessons of vocational English. Many of them also take part in our school’s business English courses that lead up to B2 exams of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI. EFB, Level 2). This means that they are well prepared for written and spoken communication in their vocational areas. In their lessons at our school they learn a lot about Europe and our school offers excursions to Strasbourg, Brussels and other places which are interesting from a European point of view. During their period of practical training in England our students live in host families and work in companies in which they have to do similar tasks as in their companies at home. Host families and companies are being chosen by our partner companies in England in correspondence with the wishes and needs of our students. The students also take part in a cultural programme. At work the students work in administration or in sales. In admin typical tasks are: - General admin (e.g. dealing with mail) - Filing / archiving - Data entry - Accounting / controlling - marketing In Sales typical tasks are: - product maintenance - product presentation and price tagging - working at the till - arrangement of products on the shop floor - serving customers Back in Germany the dissemination is achieved by the students presenting their experiences in their classrooms and with the help of PowerPoint presentations at a high-publicity closing event with representatives of the local politics and the local press. This is also where they receive their Europass Mobility Certificate and a certificate from the school to honour their achievements. First-year students and representatives of their companies come to the event or read of it in the local newspapers and hear of it at teacher-trainer meetings. The aim is that our students can test and adapt to the growing international mobility which is becoming increasingly important in their future jobs. Their language skills are improved effectively and they have the chance of living in a different culture which helps towards better intercultural understanding and broad-mindedness. These aims can only be achieved this effectively by such a stay abroad for several weeks. As results we expect a higher language, intercultural and vocational qualification and motivation of our students as well as a personal development which will facilitate the process of finding jobs and getting ahead in them successfully.



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