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Akıllı Eğitim Materyal ve Uygulamaları Geliştirme projesi "SMART CLASS"
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In this project, Improving Smart Educational Supplies and Implementations Project ‘’SMART CLASS - Put a New Face on Education with technology’’, innovativeness process and performance of stakeholders in education will be contributed by the effective planned activities. The Project is aimed to improve innovative education approaches to meet the European communities’ lifestyles, cultural interactions, the differences in educational and social changes, economic and political formations by using new communication technologies in education. And we think that participants those who speak different languages will meet the technology which is becoming the common language of humanity. According to us, the relaxing and interactive environment of technology is the best way to increase the motivation towards teaching and learning. The participants in this Project will be choosen from the school stuff who has both the capability to improve new aspects and the language skills that is necessary to facilitate cross cultural communication. To achieve the goals stated in the Project, both Information and Communications Technology In Education Course and Innovative Approaches to Teaching Course will be taken and job shadowing activities will be promoted in Czech Republic and Poland. Before mobility in Czech Republic, seminars and workshops aiming to improve the participants’ sense of technology, the affects of technology on culture and society will be presented with the help of best examples of technology. After that, ‘the collection of the best universal examples of Smart Educational Supplies and Implementations about global problems’ will be prepared. Those documents will be used to build an ‘International Smart Education Portal’ with the help of the Project Partner, Multikultura, in Poland. The web portal containing Smart Educational Supplies and Implementations will be improved and used to promote and disseminate the outcomes of the Project. The outcomes and affects are stated below: During the participants’ training process aiming to use the innovative knowledge and new technologies will be an important factor to provide them with practical ideas for how they can incorporate technology into their existing lessons. Enhancement of Information and Communication Technologies(ICT) uptake in teaching and learning, through the support of learning and access to open educational resources (OER) in the education and training fields will be sustained. Partipants will have a chance to exchange of experiences and good practices among people coming from different EU countries. The educational supplies made up with the sense of universal technology will help to create a new global educational language during the process of project. The courses will contain a mix of theoretical and practical knowledge, often allowing the teachers to interact with the e-learning systems in a hands-on way. They will practice the necessary skills in order to be able to effectively use their own e-learning systems with their own students. Participants will be provide with resources and various tools with which they can augment their e-learning content. The Project will improve the participants’ intercultural awareness and motivation to become active EU citizens. The participants’ professional profile of the teaching professions will revised and strengthened by new, innovative methodologies for teaching in different subjects.



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