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"Akademia EVS" (EVS Academy)
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The idea to the project “EVS Academy” was based on many years of experience of implementing EVS projects and intensive cooperation with both the volunteers and the host organizations. Association ANAWOJ since years is implementing EVS projects in institutions of formal education. Together with our partners we have prepared a project "EVS Academy" that responds to the challenges of the non-formal education in institutions of formal education. The main activity of our project a 4-day training for people working with volunteers.We invite to cooperation in frame of "Academy of EVS" 13 partner organizations from 9 countries (Romania, Spain, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Greece, Macedonia, Turkeye and Poland). The main activity of the project is a 4 days Training Course for 23 youth workers from 26/11/ till 29/11/2016 in Poland (province Podlaskie) on the implementation of EVS projects in institutions of formal education.Based on discussions with our partners, we noticed some doubts during implementation of activities EVS. Or non-formal education is the only school activities, as a lesson in school is an element of formal education? Can we connect it? If so, how? Is it compatible with the principles of the program? There are many different interpretations of non-formal education in school. Through training, we would like to increase the understanding of this topic and improve competences of people who works with EVS for example in schools. We also want to support those whom will implement projects with non-formal EVS volunteers in the institutions of formal education in the future. Appropriate implementation of EVS projects, eg. In schools requires proper preparation and understanding what is non-formal education and what possibilities it gives The objectives of our project is to enhance the quality of EVS projects in institutions of formal education. We also want to create a space to exchange experiences for EVS coordinators, who every day deal with the implementation of projects in institutions of formal education. Another goal is to maintain the motivation and passion of youth workers. By making structures for cooperation with volunteers, their role may be more interesting and easier. Based on the training we want to create a brochure with information about how to implement such activities, available for all EVS host organizations. We want that the project contributed to the growth of interest in the topic and encouraged to take action. The methodology used in the course of the project are: exercises in small groups, exchange of experience, training games, interactive lecture, questionnaires, role play, conversation and discussion, reflection in small groups and other creative techniques.



13 Participants partenaires