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Air Transport Network – Next Generation (AIRTN-NEXTGEN)
Date du début: 1 déc. 2013, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The action will continue the network established under previous AirTN projects enlarging it to create a platform of networking and communication between national organisations and governmental institutions supporting research and innovation in the EU Member States and Associated Countries to the EU Framework Programme in the field of Aviation (e.g. Aeronautics and Air Transport - AAT).The successful activities started in previous AirTN will be continued and improved - coordinated calls among MS, European transnational cooperation, Research Infrastructures needs and business models analysis, education and worlforce mobility - including the development of studies on areas of common interest and organisation of dedicated workshops.Win-win situations, barriers and solutions for improved trans-national cooperation in research, technological developments and innovation will be identified and specific actions performed.The activites are organised in the following WPs and Tasks.WP-1 Project Management- Task 1.1 Technical co-ordination- Task 1.2 Administrative and Financial ManagementWP-2 Cooperation in Research and Innovation- Task 2.1 Supporting RTD&I cooperation in EU Member States and Associated States at governmental level- Task 2.2 International CooperationWP-3 Education, Workforce & Research Infrastructures- Task 3.1 Research infrastructures- Task 3.2 Education and WorkforceWP-4 Networking and Dissemination- Task 4.1 AirTN NextGen Network- Task 4.2 External Communication and Dissemination- Task 4.3 WebsiteBenefits for members of the AirTN NextGen Network supporting the CSA - The reference network (hereafter called AirTN NextGen Network) for this proposed CSA will be the 25 Member States and Associated Countries, and related Agencies/Ministries/Research Centres that are funding/managing research and innovation programmes/projects relevant to Aeronautics and Air Transport. Furthermore, the National ACARE mirror groups



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