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Air Cargo Technology Road Map (CargoMap)
Date du début: 1 oct. 2011, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Air Cargo technology Roadmap proposal focuses on the future role of air freight and the definition of a technology roadmap for future cargo aircraft responding to end user requirements and environmental needs. In order to improve seamless flow of goods, Inter-and Co-modality approaches will be considered within the SESAR operational concept.Main issues of the CARGO Map (CSA-SA) proposal are:• Analysis of current situation versus the demand with the involvement of the stakeholders in Europe among all actors (manufacturers, research establishment, regulators, airspace users, infrastructure providers, airport managers)• Expected future bottlenecks/challenges in air freight transport and the identification of the corresponding requirements. The requirements will identify the technology needs and regulatory issues to be addressed• Synopsis and evaluation of possible improvements related to future business models• Definition of a technology roadmap to fill the technology/regulatory/operative gaps in order to fulfil the requirements considering the current capabilities• Besides the core activities an effort will be dedicated to disseminate the resultsThe project will investigate what new challenges and opportunities exist for new air cargo operations in the future, responding to societal challenges and the concept of seamless multi modal transport chains. Based on business models for such new types of air cargo operations, the need for novel dedicated air cargo planes will be derived and the technologies that will be needed to create these novel airplanes will be identified in a roadmap. This is a totally new approach within the Frame work program. Whilst identifying novel technologies, only those specific to air cargo operations will be shown in the roadmap, assuming that generic technologies in aviation will take place. The roadmap will identify current and planned research and missing elements to enable a new generation of air cargo aircraft to be realised.



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