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Aile Hekimliği Uygulamalarının Mukayeseli İncelenmesi
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our world is constantly changing and renewed. Technological opportunities and the new living conditions reveal new diseases. The most important tasks of the family physician are let our people adapt to the ever-changing conditions. Our most important tasks are to perform preventive medicine services, to provide new and current diagnostic and treatment facilities, to move diagnosis or treatment during the communication of patient-physician and therefore "to protect human life and health". Therefore, our association wants to see the healt practices in place in Finland and Germany in order to improve our members professional and personal development, provide them the latest information on the latest developments and innovations, to develop our members’ ability to empathize and communicate with patients, to observe the provision of health care to the elderly and the disabled, to examine over the preventive medicine services, to provide quality health services in the most effective manner to the people of Osmaniye, and as a result, to protect "human life and health". The number of members of our association is 71. The number of patients in our target population is around 26,000. As a priority, participants who are volunteer, open to share and learn, willing to improve their self-development will be selected as participants. Our project will take place in three main stages. 1. Preparation, 2.Training, 3.Dissemination. During preliminary preparation period, training place will be found, preliminary contract with participants will be signed, the participant will be given to language training, participants will be trained to improve their readiness level of the country and its health system. Records and notes will be kept during the training, so observed data and information will not be lost. After training is acquired, all the gains and good practice examples will be shared with the members of our association, with other physicians in our city, country and in the world through seminars, meetings, conferences, congresses, national and international magazine articles, articles published in national the international press. At the end of the project; professional and personal development of the participants will increase, their empathy and communication skills will improve. Our members not participating in the mobility project will benefit from the knowledge of our colleagues and physicians participating the mobility Project. Our patients will have innovative diagnostic-treatment and will be able to communicate better with their doctors. Our physicians across the province will be informed. An awareness of the health system in Finland and Germany and in Europe will be created. All these things will increase our physicians’ interest in health care services abroad and will also increase their interest in the EU projects.