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AHS - GKW/EBS Bezugspflege im Ausland
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Autonomous Highschool in The German speaking community, department for medical and health care (VET - nursing), attaches great importance to qualified nurses who are measuring their competences also on an international level. The participation on the ERASMUS+ -program KA1 for VET fosters the chances on labour market. The students who complete a practical training abroad undergo an individual consolidation of their personality. This personality enforcement eases successful integration in the regional as well as in the national and international labour market. Students having this experience in a foreign country are more competitive because they have worked in bigger hospitals. Our partner institutions are hospitals with a versatile offer of medical and nursing services, with more departments and a multiplicity of clinical pictures. The practical training abroad is related to the final thesis, which subject has to correspond to the offer of the partner institution. Operating in the services of the hospitals students are enabled to make the connection between their theoretical knowledge and the practical performance. Also the aspect of "Reference care" as generic term is still used as a target of expansion of student competences in the mobility.The mobility abroad is extended to four weeks and concerns the VET learners of the third year.Every year there are 50-100% of students who participate in a European mobility.Generally adolescents go to German speaking countries in order to ensure the communication with the mentor of internship as well as with the patients.During the mobility abroad students complete a practical training in pre-elected nursing services of different hospitals in Europe.During this training they can act according to each hospital convention more or less active.The practical training abroad is part of the training curriculum and is mentioned in the diploma.



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