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AGroFOod clusters platform with common long-term Research and Innovation Strategy towards Economic growth and prosperity (AGFORISE)
Date du début: 1 févr. 2009, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2012 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"The overall objective of AGFORISE Project is to create a common dialogue platform and a joint action plan among the Agrofood clusters that will maximise capacity for research and benefit from research infrastructure through complementariness and synergy, so as to contribute for sustainable development, prosperity, economic growth and global competitiveness of the regions. In this content the specific objectives are: Strengthening a sustainable dialogue between the participant Agrofood clusters, Creating an R&D&I Strategy Dialogue & Cooperation, Enhancing Trade & Investment opportunities in Agrofood sector, Maintaining sustainability of cross-collaboration between the participant regions, Stimulating utilization from national/EU R&D funds The activities within the scope of the AGFORISE project will focus on: Analysis of Agrofood sector in participant regions in order to maximise the benefit from the research opportunities for regional economic development, Development of a common dialogue platform between the participant regions for sharing information and experience that result in a Joint Action Plan (JAP), which will contribute to strengthen the regions’ capacity for investing in and conducting research and technological development activities that can enhance significantly to economic development, Improvement of cross collaboration among the research and commercial communities to result in commercially ended research. The main focus of the project will be on Agrofood area, which is the most important source of income in all participant regions. The implementation of the project will increase the competitiveness of European regions in Agrofood industry and bring significant added-value to the European Agrofood community. The consortium has been formed by 12 partners from 3 different regions (Mersin, Emiliano-Romagna, Murcia) each of which will bring added value from a different perspective but with complementary properties, related with their expertise areas."



12 Participants partenaires