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Agro Food & Fisheries Complex (AFFC) (FISH & CHIPS)
Date du début: 30 juin 2011, Date de fin: 29 juin 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The “Fish and Chips” project intends to promote economic development, competitiveness and innovation among food companies in the 2-seas area. Throughout the project, the participating regions will collaborate on themes such as new and existing product research and development, as well as the promotion of entrepreneurial skills in the food production sector. Thanks to this, the project will create a strong regional identity for its products and a cross-border platform to build effective sectorial networks. Also, access to market will be improved by developing innovative distribution solutions and by promoting concepts such as the “Taste Academy” with cross-border culinary workshops.A strong 2 Seas food network (fish, vegetables, farm produce, dairy products and seafood) will strengthen the food identity of each region and will contribute to economic growth. Expected Results: What are the key results of the project?Results will include:- At least 8 new food products or product combinations- New shared concept and promotional strategy and guide for the development of PMC's- 6 promotional visits for travel agents and journalists (30 participants)- 6 workshops on food-related issues (150 participants)- A series of B2B meetings, at least 1 in each of the partner regions (60 participants)- Time Bank of experts from different disciplines (70 working days of expertise)- Series of guides to network methodologies, knowledge transfer and creating a time bank of experts- Develop/support approximately 10 new and/or existing networks for 185 participating entrepreneurs in the networks- Development of 2 concepts (Food Fair and Taste Academy)- New kitchen facilities in M-W-Flanders, Meetjesland and Boulogne-sur-Mer- Launching the network of 2-seas Taste Academies- 12 culinary awareness workshops based on a common concept- Junior House of Food (experience centre for toddlers and young children)Are all partners and territories benefitting from the results?Target groups:Food and food-related entrepreneurs looking to stimulate them to include the benefits of a ‘regional brand’ in their entrepreneurship and could help them to develop products based on the regional identity.Intermediary organisations of SMEs: many food-related entrepreneurs belong to intermediary organisations. Involving them in this project, could generate lots of benefits and allows the further development of networksLocal and regional authorities / regional development organisations: they are important to spread the regional identity. Involving them could generate further policy support, which would sustain the efforts made in this project, so that these efforts could also be extended after the project.Final beneficiaries:Consumers: for the general public, a number of initiatives are being developed (e.g. culinary awareness workshops). They should contribute to the general knowledge about food and the importance of regional identity in this context.General population of the regions concerned: in order to reinforce the identity of the region as a ‘food region’, this population should be involved through educational and inspirational activities.Surrounding regions as well as their companies and population: spreading the project’s results will arouse their interest, far beyond this project’s borders.What are the effects / outcomes for the territories involved?Fish and Chips aims at strengthening the entrepreneurial networks both on a regional and a cross-border level. Networking is a key factor to the succes of business. By meeting entrepreneurs from elsewhere, local businesses can get inspired and give their own business the twist it needs to grow in the market.Fish and Chips intends to raise awareness of food-related issues. One of the project's goals is to inform consumers on local products. More specific, with the mini-Miummm and the Taste Academies, the project wants to offer the children and other inhabitants of the partner regions educative material on food-related themes. Other concrete actions, such as the Local Catch App intends to affect consumer behavior towards fresh seafood.The result of which will be a stronger, better connected, economically prosperous 2 Seas region through a stronger, better connected, economically prosperous food sector in this region.



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