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Date du début: 1 août 2014, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Through this project, we gave the opportunity to 10 young European participate in a Youth Mobility project, more specifically in a Youth Volunteering. The participation of these volunteers was held in 3 Local Entities from the cities of Valencia and Manises that are targeted to benefit children, youth and adults with fewer opportunities, at risk and social exclusion performing leisure and free time activities, training and support. The role of volunteers in the respective Host Institution has been to assist the professional staff in their work. This involved carrying out all activities that had to develop in any area within the daily schedule of the respective Association. Volunteers never supplanted any job. Flexibility, understanding and above all communication are the keys to having a positive experience. The exchange was paramount. Participants acquired and increased their skills, but also they contributed with their knowledge. Participation, respect, initiative, sense of responsibility and flexibility were important factors to consider. Volunteers were open minded, unprejudiced, participated in activities and in everyday life. Most of the volunteers were motivated to learn about the culture and the Spanish language.Volunteers actively participated and have had their own initiative. The activities in which volunteers gave their support throughout their EVS, always depending on their interests and skills were: (1) BONAGENT + Meet all the areas of activities taking place in the Association + Supporting the work of the team responsible for the design, preparation and development of formal educational intervention activities (workshops, programs, meetings, etc...), bringing their collaboration and always down the professional supervision, provided in the acts of: - support tasks in the development of training sessions - support tasks in preparing spaces for conducting activities - accompanying tasks for participants with greater special needs The activities cover the following areas: 1. Social, leisure and free time Clubs 2. Camps, Excursions, Weekend outings, leisure and free time Schools 3. Long-life Learning Community Centre 4. Training and employment 5. Respite program 6. administrative Tasks (2) ALBA + Meet all areas of occupational activities that are developed in the Occupational Centre + Participate as a support member, in all activities related to labour, sports, personal and social adjustment, and leisure and free time + Participate in the evaluation and design of the programs, objectives and activities + Engage together with the technical staff of the Occupational Centre, in coordination meetings and scheduled reviews + Participate in cultural activities outside the Occupational Centre as well as short stay trips that are made within the annual program The activities cover the following areas: 1. Occupational Therapy Service 2. Personal and Social adjustment 3. Adapted Sports 4. Artistic Abilities 5. Minibus attendance (3) MANISES + Participate in briefings, planning and evaluation activities + Participate in the preparation of the activities along with the Responsible (shopping, facilities preparation, etc...) + Actively participate in the implementation of specific activities of the Recreation Room and the Youth Centre. + Support in individualized interventions that educators perform with certain minors The activities cover the following areas: 1. After school activities and workshops 2. Trips, camping 3. Projects 4. Network of Youth Centrers Activities Volunteers made a great contribution to the develop activities in the Host Entities besides knowing the day on of a different population. We believed that the participation of volunteers in the project was beneficial to all parties and stakeholders as well as we noticed that there was an increase on European Conscience, an exchange between cultures that affects everyone involved in this project both users, Associations as volunteers and at the same time, they knew another culture, another way of life and society. The overall project gave an opportunity to the volunteers and the local community to acquire knowledge in a non-formal way. It has been very useful, for their contributions, to the Local Youth awareness about the possibilities of ERASMUS+ and increase the Youth Mobility.



12 Participants partenaires