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After School
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In Robertsfors we are currently trying to develop our work with the youths in the school in order to improve the social environment among the youths. In a comprehensive student survey, we noted that there was a notable feature of social insecurity among the youths which bottomed in that some areas stood empty and was used for "meaningless activities", that polarization between native and foreign-born youths had increased and that the verbal bullying had increased . Because of this, Robertsfors will work more to create meaningful activities in the school during breaks and after school. A part of this will be to recieve international volunteers who can contribute with new perspectives, new knowledge and international influences that we believe will affect the youths very positively. We plan to receive two volunteers during an entire school year so that they have the chance to follow the process from the beginning to the end. These volunteers do not need to have any qualifications or experience, but we are only interested in that they are motivated to participate in the project, that they are creative and that they can communicate with the staff and the youths in an adult way. For these reasons, we have also requested that the volunteers are slightly older, between 20-30 years.Together with the school's youthworkers the volunteers will work to provide the youths with meaningful activities and a safe place to be. They will do this by establishing a "cafeteria" where they will center many of their activities which for example may be help with homework, seminars, workshops, events and so on. The activities will be shaped by volunteers' and youths' thoughts and needs. The volunteers will also get the chance to run their own projects next to the major project, and they will get much support in this. The project will involve a lot of informal learning and "learning by doing" together with knowledgeable staff and the tutor. We designed the project so that it is very flexible and provides ample space for the volunteers' own creative imagination.We believe that this project will mean that the social environment in the school (and to some extent also in the municipality ) will be improved, that the verbal bullying will decrease and that more young people find meaningful activities, which will make them into more socially committed citizens. Furthermore, we believe that the project will provide our municipality with new working methods for the future, reduce the polarization between different groups and increase the cooperation within the municipality organisation and its cooperation with other organisations. We also believe that the volunteers will recieve a large amount of important knowledge, experience and skills for the future. These things will benefit the volunteers in the future when the need for such are increasingly in demand . Through this project, they will have a chance to validate the skills they already have and the skills they receive during the project.



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