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AFS: Short intercultural learning experience for inclusion
Date du début: 1 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

AFS: Short intercultural learning experience is a project in which AFS wants to give 30 young people the opportunity to experience an unique interculturel exchange. For this project we focus on young people with fewer opportunities so we give them the chance to work as a volunteer in a project abroad this summer. AFS organises a preperation & evaluation/reorientation training for all the participants as one group. The intercultural exchange as such will be an individual expierence. AFS works with 6 hosting organizations in order to give these youngsters the opportunity to have an intercultural experience. These projects are located in Bulgaria, Romania, Poland and France. All the exchange will have a length of maximum 1 month. AFS as a coordinating organisation will be in very close contact with the hosting organisations in other to guarantuee the needed follow up and guidance for this youngsters. AFS interculturele progamma's stronly believes that an intercultural experience can give youngsters more and better possibilties on the labour market and for this project we focus on youngsters with fewer opportunities, especially youngsters with learning difficulties. This group of youngsters have a higher risk to end up in the unemployment. By combining the intercultural exchange experience with the work experience the youngsters will grow in their competences. AFS will monitor the personal growth of each volunteer in different levels of competences (personal, interpersonal, cultural and global). AFS will guide this youngsters through this process, and discuss the competences before and after the exchange. The labour market can be very hard for youngsters who come out lower education possibilities and therefor AFS will invite these youngsters for a reorientation camp after the exchange and one of the topics of this camp is employement and how to use this value experience in the curriculum vitae, during a jobinterview, etc. The main goal of these project is to make these youngster proud about themselves and aware of their own competences. This awareness is a big step towards their future career.



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