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Afbreken en Opbouwen
Date du début: 3 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 2 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our Short EVS "Afbreken en Opvouwen" program is addressed mainly to vulnerable young people. Through non-formal education we aim to offer to 14 young Dutch participants from 16-22 years old the opportunity to participate in a short EVS program in Portugal for 2 weeks (1st October -14th October). Our program involves the following topics: voluntary work, social inclusion, cultural diversity, personal development, outdoor sport activities, healthy life style, solidarity, strong awareness about environment and sustainability.Our program fully aligns with KA1 by providing mobility, being able to discover another country, its culture, its traditions and way of living, to empower solidarity and conscious living among them and hopefully to provide personal development and motivation in their lives. All the participants have the right to receive a Youthpass certificate. Our hosting organization Vertigem counts with more than 14 years of experience in hosting young people from all over the world.In addition, they are specialized to host youngsters with difficult and vulnerable background, sharing the same mission as Incombinacion.An APV is planned (11th of Sept – 14th of Sept), which will support both organizations to create efficient orientation programs (prior departure and on-arrival) by knowing and understanding the background of the participants. We will also be able to discuss some practicalities such as difficult situations that might arise. Incombinacion already counts with a list of registered participants. In the phase of selection of participants we will be in constant communication with Vertigem. The main goal is the opportunity to get to know another culture, to grow as an individual and as a citizen of Europe. They wil be encouraged to identify strengths and weaknesses, to learn about themselves, develop leadership and communication skills, new ways of thinking, to be tolerant towards aceptance others, deal with conflicts, awareness about taking care of the environment.At the same time they will contribute to Vertigem by doing voluntary work and helping out with their daily tasks at the Residence.Specific objectives of the project are the following:-to increase awareness of the value and importance of youth participation as a form of active engagement in the society- to enhance creativity and personal reflection and realization - Awareness about lost of biodiversity and environmental issues, health and social protection- Cultural diversity and social inclusion- Full information about training possibilities funded by ERASMUS+Trainings: informal meeting, pre-orientaiton program, on arrival orientation program, evaluation.Incombinacion will have some informal gatherings to engage the youngsters to participate in events and to monitor their EVS impact.Accommodation: The participants will be accommodated in Bezerra’s Ecological Residence and has the privilege of a fabulous landscape. Address: Rua da Escola, Bezerra 2480-202 Serro Ventoso. The residence is divided in three areas: Wards for men and women with WC, Lounge and bathrooms for men and women, and common room with Library, TV, stereo and two computers. The residence is equipped with energy efficient heating equipment, internet with free wifi, an outside spcace .Good enviromental practices are emphasized in Bezzerra’s Ecological Residence, The participants have free access to the municipal pool located in Porto de Mós village.Maintenance: will be provided by the hosting organization through a daily service by a professional (staff member) as well as laundry. Language support : Upon arrival, the volunteer will receive some basic portuguese language course to facilitate the communication with other volunteers.Working methods used: organizing thematic sessions, cultural events among the youngsters, rol playing, different indoor and outdoor activities. In addition, they will be able to learn and develop skills in flora, fauna, environment protection, recycling.The tasks of the volunteer are clearly defined, there is a constant support and frequent contacts between the volunteer and the mentor. The desired impact of the project on local, regional, national and European level is contribution to broaden horizons, cultural awareness and personal development specially to the youth. They would be the agents of change and ambassadors of a healthy and harmonious way of living.The long-lasting personal effect on participants will hopefully enthuse a more positive, cooperative, understanding, open, cohesive, and active impact on the participant, that hopefully will stay with them forever. All the experience, good practices, evaluation and outcome will be reported in mobility tool and other official relevant platforms newspapers and through our partners spread the outcome.Activity calendar attached and list of registered participants, which have been recruited from market fairs, open days and through our Dutch partners.



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