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Aeronautical Training Network in Aerodynamic Noise from Widebody Civil Aircraft (AEROTRANET 2)
Date du début: 1 oct. 2012, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

A new Aeronautical Training Network is proposed to train Early Stage Researchers and Experienced Researchers in front-line, integrated, industry relevant research in unsteady aerodynamics and noise for the next generation of environmentally friendly wide-body civil aircraft. Building upon the multi-host EST FP6 programme AeroTraNet, AeroTraNet 2 clusters the complementary expertise of 5 established European academic institutes, 2 EU multi-national companies, 1 SME, and one national research centre to offer structured, flexible, well-integrated, a la carte, doctoral and post-doctoral training programme for the new generation of EU aerodynamics and noise specialists. Six academic partners address the common objective of modelling shock cell noise in a wide-body aircraft engine configuration from private sector partner Airbus France, by shock-tolerant numerical modelling for under-expanded jets (ULEIC), large eddy simulations for turbulent jets with weak shocks (Cerfacs), advanced flow-noise correlations (UNIROMA TRE), jet and near-field noise experiments (VKI), reduced-order modelling and flow control (IMFT-INP), and advanced laser-based measurement techniques (INSEAN). Knowledge output is synthesized through a dedicated knowledge capturing programme by UoG, which is used by private sector partner Alstom UK. In AeroTraNet 2, the research output becomes itself object of knowledge management research, which is a novel supra-disciplinary element. By combining their well-established doctoral training schools and graduate training programmes, the academic and industrial partners will train a well-integrated team of 9 ESR and 3 ER who have learnt to combine their different research techniques to push forward the state of the art of shock cell noise prediction applied to aircraft design. This is a significant progress in structuring the European research training capacity in aerodynamics, noise, and knowledge capturing, for EU's knowledge based economy.



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